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Sustainable Development

Around the Horn: Getting Power to Projects-A Discussion

Bradley Migdal, Executive Managing Director, Business Incentives Practice, Cushman & Wakefield (Q2 2024)

Guest Editor Bradley Migdal leads an illuminating discussion with Karla T. Moran, Manager of Economic Development at Salt River Project, and Coleman Peiffer, Senior Business Attraction Manager at Alliant Energy, exploring infrastructure challenges and solutions for large-scale manufacturing and data center projects. This conversation has been lightly edited for style and space. More

In Focus: Is This Community Approach the Blueprint for Sustainable Industrial Development?

Gregg Healy, Executive Vice President & Head of Industrial Services – North America, Savills (Q2 2024)

Industrial designers are exploring the transformative potential of landscape architecture to harmonize industrial development with environmental sustainability and community well-being. More

Resiliency: The Case for Fortifying Business against Climate Change

Jose Beceiro, Director, Site Selection and Incentives Advisory, Kroll (Q2 2024)

The new frontier in site selection for companies has everything to do with keeping things running during increasingly wild storms and weather patterns. More

The Risks and Realities of Megasite Mania: Navigating the Mid-Tier Client Landscape

Courtney Dunbar, Site Selection & Economic Development Leader, Burns & McDonnell (Q2 2024)

The recent focus on projects requiring megasites may cause communities to lose sight of developing smaller-scale sites that could bring mid-tier companies to their communities, fostering job creation and diversified economic growth. More

Kinetic Energy Attracting Investments Throughout Kansas

Kansas Department of Commerce  (Q2 2024)

Kansas has earned its global reputation as a force in the renewable energy industry. More

Front Line: Green Concrete Initiatives Fight Climate Change

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q2 2024)

Innovative measures and legislation propel the adoption of eco-friendly building materials. More

First Person: Making Facilities “Fit” for the Digital Future

Stephanie Dorsey, CEO, Siemens Real Estate Services, Americas (Q1 2024)

Area Development’s staff editor, Lisa Bastian, interviewed Stephanie Dorsey, CEO of Siemens Real Estate in the Americas, about the changing real estate needs of today’s innovative and growth companies. More

Last Word: Striking a Balance - Prioritizing Electric Infrastructure While Preparing for the Next Wave of Industrial Expansion

Courtney Dunbar, Site Selection & Economic Development Leader, Burns & McDonnell and Courtland Robinson, Director of Business Development , Brasfield & Gorrie (Q1 2024)

As constraints on power availability become more acute, embracing a utility-first approach emerges as imperative. More

In Focus: 5 Smart Building Resolutions for 2024

John Fleming, Vice President, Johnson Controls (Q1 2024)

Building owners may look at the new year as a time to make good on goals they set for their buildings in previous years – whether that means upgrading outdated technology, focusing on net-zero carbon goals, or enhancing occupant experience. More

Navigating the Digital Transformation

Courtney Dunbar, Site Selection & Economic Development Leader, Burns & McDonnell and Matt Olson, Chief Innovation Officer, Burns & McDonnell (Q1 2024)

Courtney Dunbar, site selection lead at Burns & McDonnell, recently asked Matt Olson, Burns & McDonnell’s chief innovation officer, about how companies are navigating the digital transformation and its potential of fostering sustainable, resilient manufacturing practices. More

In Focus: Rethinking Industrial Site Selection: A Retail Perspective

Evan L. Stair, Managing Director, Analytics, Vista Site Selection (Q1 2024)

The idea of putting the needs of the potential workforce first when making the location decision mirrors retail’s tradition of prioritizing customer satisfaction. More

Industry in the Era of the Electron

Courtland Robinson, Director of Business Development , Brasfield & Gorrie (Q1 2024)

Growth of the digital economy has put transmission-adjacent properties and the ability to interconnect at the forefront of the site selection process. More

Virginia Looks to Renewables to Meet Long-Term Energy Needs

Virginia Economic Development Partnership (Q1 2024)

The best way to conceptualize Virginia’s energy ambitions is to look to its past supporting one of the most power-intensive industries in existence. More

First Person: Realizing the Inflation Reduction Act’s Full Potential

Brian Murphy, Americas Power, Utilities and Renewables Tax Leader, EY (Q1 2024)

Brian Murphy discusses how tax and finance can collaborate to advance a company’s key sustainability goals. More

Front Line: Electrification of Industrial Processes

Dan Emerson, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q4 2023)

Reducing the use of fossil fuels in industrial processes will help cut costs while reducing GHG emissions. More

First Person: Aligning Energy Needs With Sustainability Goals

Courtney Dunbar, Site Selection & Economic Development Leader, Burns & McDonnell (Q4 2023)

Companies are continuing to automate, which is increasing their demand for power while, at the same time, they try to meet sustainability goals and remain competitive. More

Manufacturers’ Imperative to Combat Climate Change

Jennifer Dodson, Director, Global Customer Sustainability, PPG (Q3 2023)

Reducing emissions, developing sustainable solutions, and leveraging renewable energy are among the steps that manufacturers can take to change the trajectory of climate change. More

Canada's Infrastructure and Innovation: Powering Economic Growth and Sustainability

Gregg Wassmansdorf, Gabriel Dion, and Gillian Apps, Global Corporate Services, Global Strategy, Newmark Canada (Location Canada 2023)

Through its investment in infrastructure development, site-readiness initiatives, transformation of its power sector, and work-focused immigration policies, FDI in Canada continues to grow at a healthy pace. More

How ESG Is Driving Canadian Government Programs

Marc Beauchamp, President, SCI Global (Location Canada 2023)

Through their ESG-oriented policies, Canada’s federal and provincial governments are working to position themselves as an attractive investment destination for businesses seeking sustainable long-term growth. More

Tackling EV Charging Hurdles Together

Rex Hamre, National Director, Sustainability, JLL (2023 Auto/Aero Site Guide)

Property-level Infrastructure planning will bring owners and tenants together to meet their green goals. More

Deploying Location Strategy + Incentives to Meet ESG Goals

David Hickey, Managing Director, Hickey & Associates (Q1 2023)

CFOs and business leaders can utilize location strategy as part of their ESG mission through their workforce, workplace, and sustainability strategies, as well as by demonstrating social responsibility and good governance. More

In Focus: The Facility’s Envelope-A Multifaceted Ecosystem

Marc Gravely, Founder, Gravely P.C. (Q1 2023)

For infrastructure preparedness, a big picture and narrow focus are equally important. More

Front Line: Taking an Expanded View of Climate Change

Dan Emerson, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q4 2022)

Climate change, corporate sustainability/ESG ratings, and the use of renewables are becoming increasingly important to companies as the planet heats up. More

First Person: ESG Propels Honeywell in New Directions

Evan van Hook, Chief Sustainability Officer, Honeywell (Q2 2022)

Policies with regard to environmental, social, and governance issues have become increasingly important to all companies, as well as their shareholders, in the 21st century’s “sustainability revolution.” More

Trends in Data Center Site Selection

Pat Lynch, Executive Managing Director, Data Center Solutions Group (DCSG), CBRE and Josh Ruttner, Senior Research Analyst, Data Center Solutions, CBRE (Q2 2022)

A lack of space and developable land as well as power constraints will continue to drive data center site selection, with sustainability considerations and emerging technologies becoming increasingly important factors. More

Front Line: Extreme Weather Events Factor into Location and Sustainability Decisions

Dan Emerson, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 2022)

The risk of extreme weather events is increasingly being factored into companies’ location decisions, as are sustainability initiatives to reduce carbon emissions that contribute to global warming. More

How the Biden Energy Plan Will Impact U.S. Business

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 2022)

With the federal government’s commitment to sustainable energy, businesses must act now to not only meet the new guidelines but also to satisfy customers and investors alike. More

In Focus: The Business Case for the Building of the Future

Tyler Smith, Executive Director, Healthy Buildings, Johnson Controls (Q1 2022)

Investing in facilities now will yield financial and physical benefits in the short and long term. More

In Focus: Redefining the “Smart” in Smart Cities

Karen Lightman, Executive Director, Metro21: Smart Cities Institute, Carnegie Mellon University (Q1 2022)

Emerging robotics and AI technologies can help meet critical goals of connectivity, equity, and sustainability. More

In Focus: The Future of Sustainability in Real Estate

Kristin Mueller, COO, JLL Property Management (Q4 2021)

As they realize the impact the built world has on the environment, companies are increasingly transitioning to cleaner, greener facilities and operations. More

Editor's Note: Strong Government/Business Partnerships Mitigate Location Risks

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q3 2021)

Economic development programs are evolving to help companies mitigate risks and boost their return on investment, while businesses are also placing increasing emphasis on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. More

In Focus: Creative Funding to Enable Sustainability

Mark Reinbold, Vice President & General Manager, Performance Infrastructure, Johnson Controls (Q3 2021)

Organizations that are attempting to reduce their energy use or carbon footprint are finding there are affordable to ways to do so. More

Auto Industry Is Betting on Sustainability

A.J. Washeleski, Business Development, Kirco Manix (2021 Auto/Aero Site Guide)

The automotive industry and its suppliers are realizing that they must invest in sustainability initiatives because of their importance to customers and shareholders alike. More

Latest Trends in the Industrial Real Estate Sector Here to Stay

John Dettleff, Senior Managing Director, Brokerage, JLL (Q2 2021)

The industrial real estate sector is experiencing a complete transformation brought about by changes in the retail sector, warehouse design, and supply chains. More

Aligning Supply Chain with Corporate Social Responsibility

Brian Corde, Managing Partner, Atlas Insight (Q4 2020)

Area Development interviewed Brian Corde, Managing Partner, Atlas Insight LLC, at our Houston Consultants Forum. Our discussion covered how companies are devising and meeting their corporate social responsibility commitments. More

How Site Selection Can Help Meet Corporate Social Responsibility Commitments

Brian Corde, Managing Partner, Atlas Insight (Q3 2020)

Brian Corde, Managing Partner, Atlas Insight LLC, spoke with Area Development about the confluence of corporate social responsibility and site selection strategy at our 2019 Houston Consultants Forum. More

Redevelopment of Former Coal Plant Sites

Kerry Smith, informationworks (Q2 2020)

Industrial real estate firms are joining environmental investors to redevelop former coal plant sites in an effort to breathe new life into the communities where they are located. More

The Evolution of Facility Design

Steve Kimball, Principal, emersion Design (Q1 2020)

Attracting and retaining the next generation of talent is now a critical input to the facility design process. More

Four Site Factors That Can Derail Your Construction Budget

Steve Doak, Senior Estimator, Hoar Construction (Q4 2019)

Although sitework is expensive, most of the expense can be planned and accounted for if your contractor is on board early in the construction process. More

How LEED Certification Transformed Industrial Development Standards

Randy Thompson, Senior Managing Director, Build-to-Suit Advisory Group, Cushman & Wakefield (Q1 2019)

Today’s businesses aren't pursuing LEED certifications to the extent that they did in the past because sustainable development is now a given — it’s demanded by the market. More

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