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First Person: Realizing the Inflation Reduction Act’s Full Potential

Brian Murphy, Americas Power, Utilities and Renewables Tax Leader, EY (Q1 2024)

Brian Murphy discusses how tax and finance can collaborate to advance a company’s key sustainability goals. More

Editor’s Note: The Worker Shortage - A New Reality

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q4 2023)

With a worker shortage that seems destined to persist, employers are turning to AI/automation and upskilling, while also realizing that comprehensive immigration reform is necessary to fill gaps in the labor force. More

In Focus: Working Toward Zero-Emission Buildings Ahead of Regulatory Mandates

Britt Willows, Portfolio Leader, Johnson Controls (Q4 2023)

All stakeholders working in unison will benefit the environment while also resulting in positive business outcomes. More

In Focus: AI’s Influence on Data Center Growth

Andy Cvengros, Managing Director, Brokerage, JLL and Matt Landek, Managing Director, Data Center and Telecom, JLL (Q4 2023)

The use of AI is driving a surge in demand for computing power and the development of more data centers, which, in turn, have an increasing need for reliable power and water. More

First Person: How to Identify and Build a Robust Community Ecosystem to Attract New Businesses

Michael Flynn, Senior Director, Economic Development, Destination Medical Center (DMC) (Q4 2023)

Creating an exceptional business environment to attract certain industries can be a daunting task for any community’s leaders. However, it can be done with focused introspection, research, and strong partnerships. Area Development’s staff editor Lisa Bastian asked Michael Flynn, senior director of Economic Development at Destination Medical Center (Rochester, MN), for his ideas on ecosystem formation. More

First Person: Aligning Energy Needs With Sustainability Goals

Courtney Dunbar, Site Selection & Economic Development Leader, Burns & McDonnell (Q4 2023)

Companies are continuing to automate, which is increasing their demand for power while, at the same time, they try to meet sustainability goals and remain competitive. More

Editor’s Note: Workforce Stats Paint a More Optimistic Picture, Although Challenges Remain

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q3 2023)

Industry is still being challenged by low unemployment and the e-commerce surge among other concerns but is continuing to spend on new facilities and “to think outside the box” when it comes to fulfilling workforce needs. More

In Focus: Picking the Right Joint Venture Partners

Joseph Natarelli, National Leader, Construction Services, Marcum LLP (Q3 2023)

Here are three tips to help construction firms use joint ventures to meet demand without increasing risk. More

First Person: Establishing a Robust Rare Earth Magnet Supply Chain

Tom Schneberger, CEO, USA Rare Earth (Q3 2023)

Rare earth magnets are critical to keeping America’s economy strong and protecting our way of life. With this in mind, Area Development’s staff editor Lisa Bastian asked Tom Schneberger, CEO of USA Rare Earth, to share his perspective on this issue. More

Editor’s Note: Production of EVs and Chips Comes to Forefront

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q2 2023)

Despite economic uncertainty, industry investment in both the EV/battery and semiconductor industries continues to grow. More

First Person: Labor Crunch in the Construction Industry

Joseph Natarelli, National Leader, Construction Services, Marcum LLP (Q2 2023)

The construction industry continues to face a skilled labor shortage, with worker scarcity worsening since the beginning of the pandemic. With this in mind, Area Development’s staff editor Lisa Bastian asked Joseph Natarelli, Marcum’s National Construction Leader, to share his perspective on this issue. More

In Focus: Today’s Investments Inspiring Tomorrow’s Skilled Workforce Leaders

Alison Neuman, North America Workforce Development Program Manager , Johnson Controls (Q2 2023)

Investment in workforce training initiatives is essential not only to individual businesses but also to economic development on a local and national scale. More

Last Word: A Second Wave of EV Investment

Dennis Cuneo, Director, Site Selection Services, Walbridge and Larry Filson, Assistant Vice President, Design and Sustainability, Walbridge (Q2 2023)

The rapid transition of the auto industry from internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEs) to electric vehicles (EVs) has set off a rush of new investment in new EV assembly plants and battery cell plants. More

Last Word: The CHIPS Act

Liesel Schmader, Senior Consultant; Addison Collins, Consultant; and Sarah Raehl, Senior Manager; Location Strategy, Deloitte Consulting LLP (Q1 2023)

How is the Chips Act driving investment in the U.S., and how can local initiatives help? More

Editor's Note: Cautious Optimism for 2023

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q1 2023)

Although manufacturers are facing a challenging year, many are optimistic that lessons learned during the pandemic will help them weather whatever lies ahead. More

First Person: Putting a Cyber Defense Plan in Place

Mike Morris, Managing Director, Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory, Deloitte (Q1 2023)

To find out more about the current cyber threats companies are facing and their responses to such threats, Area Development’s staff writer, Lisa Bastian, interviewed Michael Morris, a managing director in Deloitte’s Cyber Detect & Respond practice. More

In Focus: The Facility’s Envelope-A Multifaceted Ecosystem

Marc Gravely, Founder, Gravely P.C. (Q1 2023)

For infrastructure preparedness, a big picture and narrow focus are equally important. More

In Focus: CEOs Are Underprepared for Cyber Threats

Frederick Johnson, Vice President, Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics, Marcum Technology (Q1 2023)

New regulations to expand cybersecurity expertise and reporting requirements can only help to eliminate the very real threats companies are facing on a daily basis. More

Front Line: Expanding the EV Battery Pipeline

Karen Thuermer, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 2023)

The need to produce EV batteries is presenting opportunities in lithium battery recycling facility expansions. More

Editor's Note: No Signs of the War for Talent Cooling Off

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q4 2022)

Many companies are increasing their use of AI and automation to fill the talent gap and reduce labor costs. More

In Focus: The CHIPS Act - A Historic Investment in Our Future

Quentin L. Messer, Jr., CEO, Michigan Economic Development Corporation (Q4 2022)

By helping to provide a critical domestic supply chain, the CHIPS Act represents a new era of American industrial competitiveness. More

First Person: Manufacturers: Disrupt or Be Disrupted

Karen Norheim, President & CEO, American Crane & Equipment Corporation (Q4 2022)

Area Development’s staff editor, Lisa Bastian, recently posed some question to American Crane’s CEO & President, Karen Norheim, about how overcoming pandemic challenges has strengthened the company for what lies ahead, as well as opportunities for women in manufacturing. More

Last Word: Decision-Making Dynamics in an Uncertain World-Business Despises Uncertainty

Robert Hess, Vice Chairman, Newmark  (Q3 2022)

Data points are shifting, and location decision-making must change to be evidence-based in approach. Long-term planning is admirable, but short-term incremental gains may be more prudent in the near-term economy. More

First Person: Global Trade and Development Face Big Challenges in 2022

Robin van Puyenbroeck, Executive Director, Business Development, World Trade Centers Association (Q3 2022)

Area Development’s editor recently asked Robin van Puyenbroeck, executive director of business development for the WTCA, about trends in global trade and investment, top challenges, supply chain woes, and how to prepare for the next global crisis. More

In Focus: “Golden Age” of Spec Development

Josh Wheeler, Senior Vice President , Stonemont Financial Group (Q3 2022)

The e-commerce revolution and its related supply chain challenges have created a surge in spec development of industrial and logistics space. More

In Focus: Demand for Industrial Land Surges

Evan Pritchard, Cozen O'Connor (Q2 2022)

The exponential growth of e-commerce has, in turn, accelerated the need for both warehouse and data center space. More

First Person: ESG Propels Honeywell in New Directions

Evan van Hook, Chief Sustainability Officer, Honeywell (Q2 2022)

Policies with regard to environmental, social, and governance issues have become increasingly important to all companies, as well as their shareholders, in the 21st century’s “sustainability revolution.” More

In Focus: Safety First-The Benefits of Construction Robotics

Prasoon Shrivastava, Founder and CEO, Zepth (Q2 2022)

The use of construction robots can transform site safety for human workers, while monitoring processes that impact project timelines and budgets. More

Editor's Note: Speed of Change Will Accelerate in 2022

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q1 2022)

Companies have met the challenges over the last two difficult years but will now need to adjust their plans and priorities over the course of 2022 in order to succeed. More

First Person: AI and Robotics in the Workplace

Carolina Weidler, Principal, Hendy (Q1 2022)

With COVID-19 changing the reality of the world’s population, it has undoubtedly affected the way businesses operate. Area Development recently discussed the use of robotics and other automation technologies in response to these changes with Carolina Weidler, leader of Hendy’s Science and Technology Practice Group. More

In Focus: Michigan Rises to the Competitive Challenge

Quentin L. Messer, Jr., CEO, Michigan Economic Development Corporation (Q1 2022)

As the competition heats up, the state is taking concrete steps to ensure Michigan maintains its advantage in attracting and retaining advanced technology companies. More

In Focus: The Business Case for the Building of the Future

Tyler Smith, Executive Director, Healthy Buildings, Johnson Controls (Q1 2022)

Investing in facilities now will yield financial and physical benefits in the short and long term. More

In Focus: Redefining the “Smart” in Smart Cities

Karen Lightman, Executive Director, Metro21: Smart Cities Institute, Carnegie Mellon University (Q1 2022)

Emerging robotics and AI technologies can help meet critical goals of connectivity, equity, and sustainability. More

Editor's Note: Consumer Spending & Business Innovation Foster Growth

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q4 2021)

The food/agri-business and the biopharma sectors were among those experiencing growth in 2021, spurred by innovations brought about during the pandemic. More

In Focus: A PFAS State of Mind

Bina Joshi, Partner, Schiff Hardin (Q4 2021)

While the law concerning PFAS is still in flux, property owners and operators need to consider its implications. More

First Person: Creating a Work Environment For Employee Growth and Development

Rocki Rockingham, Chief Human Resources Officer, GE Appliances (Q4 2021)

In August, Rocki Rockingham was named Chief Human Resources Officer for GE Appliances. Area Development’s editor recently asked her about the company’s strategy to build upon its recent global “Great Place to Work” recognition and to create a workplace culture that attracts and retains top talent. More

In Focus: The Future of Sustainability in Real Estate

Kristin Mueller, COO, JLL Property Management (Q4 2021)

As they realize the impact the built world has on the environment, companies are increasingly transitioning to cleaner, greener facilities and operations. More

In Focus: The Challenge of Finding Improved Land

Lee Loftis, National Director, Land Acquisitions, Mohr Capital (Q4 2021)

Because improved land is hard to come by, more investors and developers are evaluating true greenfield opportunities in far outer rings of major markets. More

Editor's Note: Strong Government/Business Partnerships Mitigate Location Risks

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q3 2021)

Economic development programs are evolving to help companies mitigate risks and boost their return on investment, while businesses are also placing increasing emphasis on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. More

In Focus: The Construction Industry's Secret Weapon

Patrick Ryan, Executive Vice President, Linesight (Q3 2021)

The use of project controls specialists is still relatively unknown in the U.S., despite the fact that these consultants help to get projects delivered on time and on budget. More

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