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Workplace Trends

Creative Recruiting Might Help Close the Manufacturing Skills Gap

Dan Emerson, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q2 2024)

Faced with a dearth of skilled workers, some companies are looking to high schools and community centers to find manufacturing labor. More

In Focus: Is This Community Approach the Blueprint for Sustainable Industrial Development?

Gregg Healy, Executive Vice President & Head of Industrial Services – North America, Savills (Q2 2024)

Industrial designers are exploring the transformative potential of landscape architecture to harmonize industrial development with environmental sustainability and community well-being. More

Hooray, it’s World Facility Management Day 2024!

Area Development Research Desk (Q2 2024)

Explore the impact of facility management with George Schmidt, who talks about the evolving roles of FM professionals, the integration of AI and sustainability practices, and the future trends that are shaping this critical industry. More

Why Smaller May Be Better for Some Businesses

Tim-Logan, Partner, Parker Poe (Q1 2024)

Although records have been set for massive industrial spaces, the market has been shifting to smaller buildings. More

Making Hybrid More Human in 2024

Katie Rodrigues, Managing Director, JLL (Q1 2024)

From theory to action — CRE leaders are putting strategies in place to make the workspace a center of collaboration and innovation. More

In Focus: Rethinking Industrial Site Selection: A Retail Perspective

Evan L. Stair, Managing Director, Analytics, Vista Site Selection (Q1 2024)

The idea of putting the needs of the potential workforce first when making the location decision mirrors retail’s tradition of prioritizing customer satisfaction. More

Front Line: Impact of the Latest Minimum Wage Increases

Dan Emerson, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 2024)

The new year brings some significant changes that will impact employers who have entry-level workers, with 22 states raising their minimum wages effective January 1st. More

Editor’s Note: The Worker Shortage - A New Reality

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q4 2023)

With a worker shortage that seems destined to persist, employers are turning to AI/automation and upskilling, while also realizing that comprehensive immigration reform is necessary to fill gaps in the labor force. More

The Importance of Understanding Labor Issues in Making the Location Decision

Michael J. Ball, Partner, Vorys and Michael C. Griffaton, Of Counsel, Vorys (Workforce Q4 2023)

Site selectors should assess a potential location’s workforce with an eye to identifying areas of concern that might make it open to unionization efforts. More

Look Beyond the Now When Considering Workforce Priorities

Kevin Major, Managing Director, Americas Consulting, Labor Analytics, CBRE (Workforce Q4 2023)

Industrial site selectors must consider not only a prospective location’s current labor pool but also its recruiting reach and unanticipated future demands and costs of a particular market. More

Insights on Staffing and the Location Decision

Christine Chandler, President, AdvantaStaff and Lovora Brown, Director of Operations, AdvantaStaff (Workforce Q4 2023)

When selecting a new site, companies today confront an ever-changing landscape of factors to consider, from site and facility planning to workforce analytics and training. Christine Chandler, president of AdvantaStaff, and Lovora Brown, AdvantaStaff’s director of Operations, who bring a combined 50 years’ experience in the manufacturing and distribution industry, provide their perspective on workforce issues that are important to companies’ location decisions. More

After the Ribbon Is Cut: Shifting the Talent Strategy to Retention & Upskilling

Vince Giovannini, Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting LLP (Workforce Q4 2023)

By upskilling its workforce, a company can improve its overall productivity, while positively impacting employee satisfaction and retention. More

Technology’s Influence on Workforce Development

Steve Carlos, Senior Director, Consulting, JLL and Amber Schiada, Head of Work Dynamics Research, Americas, JLL (Workforce Q4 2023)

How can a company develop an analytics-focused talent strategy to meet the needs of AI, specialized skillsets, automation, and beyond? More

How to Factor in Labor Needs While Selecting a Site for Expansion

Sam Moses, Mark Simmons, and Azad Khan; Business Expansion and Location Solutions Team; Parker Poe (Workforce Q4 2023)

With today’s low unemployment rates, companies must consider how they will fulfill their workforce needs early on in the site selection process. More

Editor’s Note: Workforce Stats Paint a More Optimistic Picture, Although Challenges Remain

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q3 2023)

Industry is still being challenged by low unemployment and the e-commerce surge among other concerns but is continuing to spend on new facilities and “to think outside the box” when it comes to fulfilling workforce needs. More

Think Outside the Box with Your Workforce Solutions

Dianne Jones, Managing Director, Business and Economic Incentives, JLL (Q3 2023)

Today’s employees want to maintain their quality of life, including hybrid work, well-being support, and competitive pay; employers need to creatively meet their needs in order to keep them from jumping ship. More

First Person: Labor Crunch in the Construction Industry

Joseph Natarelli, National Leader, Construction Services, Marcum LLP (Q2 2023)

The construction industry continues to face a skilled labor shortage, with worker scarcity worsening since the beginning of the pandemic. With this in mind, Area Development’s staff editor Lisa Bastian asked Joseph Natarelli, Marcum’s National Construction Leader, to share his perspective on this issue. More

Responding to the New Reality: Robots Vs. Humans

Katie Culp, CEO, KSM Location Advisors (Q2 2023)

As companies weigh the benefits and challenges of increasing automation, local leaders must also evolve their incentives programs. More

Capitalizing on Washington, DC’s Economic Opportunities

Washington DC Economic Partnership (Q2 2023)

Companies looking to expand their operations will find the talent, funding, and support they need in the DC region. More

In Focus: Today’s Investments Inspiring Tomorrow’s Skilled Workforce Leaders

Alison Neuman, North America Workforce Development Program Manager , Johnson Controls (Q2 2023)

Investment in workforce training initiatives is essential not only to individual businesses but also to economic development on a local and national scale. More

Key Steps to Satisfying Workforce Needs

Andi Brownwell, Managing Director, Maxis Advisors (Q2 2023)

Businesses can fulfill their labor requirements by creating a positive company culture where employees are not only well compensated but also provided with training and growth opportunities. More

Four Keys to Effective Life Sciences Work Transformation

Kevin Wayer, President, Government, Education, Infrastructure and Life Sciences , JLL (Q2 2023)

The future of work lies in the hands of leaders who understand what today’s life sciences workers value — and act like it. More

Raising Local Labor Force Participation

Louise Anderson, Director of Research, International Economic Development Council (Q2 2023)

In an attempt to help businesses find the workers they need, economic development organizations are working with community partners to reduce barriers to work through a mix of strategies. More

The Value of Job Ads Data in the Location Decision

Greg Chmura, Chief Quality Office, Chmura Economics (Q1 2023)

Non-traditional data aggregated from job ads contain a plethora of insights for assessing a possible location. More

How Are Economic Developers Partnering to Solve Workforce Challenges?

Louise Anderson, Director of Research, International Economic Development Council (Q1 2023)

Companies can expect to find help from forward-thinking economic development organizations in fulfilling their labor force requirements. More

The Great Migration of Workers

Ben Worrell , Principal, McGuire Sponsel (Workforce Q4 2022)

Companies must understand how a shift in workforce development and remote work will impact their location decisions. More

Reprioritize Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiatives

Terri McClements, Workforce Transformation Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consulting Leader, PwC (Workforce Q4 2022)

Manufacturers must reprioritize their DEI efforts in order to acquire and retain the best talent, which will lead to enhanced employee performance and increased innovation More

Shifting Priorities: How Companies Are Navigating the Post-2020 Hiring Landscape

Chris Volney, Managing Director, Americas Consulting, CBRE (Workforce Q4 2022)

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the overall talent landscape, with the competitive market now driving companies to look at smaller less established markets to satisfy their workforce needs. More

Unlocking Labor Analytics

Lauren Berry, Senior Manager, Location Analysis and Incentives, Maxis Advisors (Workforce Q4 2022)

While assessing a prospective location’s workforce may begin with a review of the data, a qualitative evaluation can provide new information not easily apparent from any desktop research. More

Editor's Note: No Signs of the War for Talent Cooling Off

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q4 2022)

Many companies are increasing their use of AI and automation to fill the talent gap and reduce labor costs. More

Bright Spots of the Office Sector

Lu Chen, Associate Director of Research and Senior Economist, Moody's Analytics CRE (Q4 2022)

The post-pandemic remote working trend has resulted in “emerging” or “other” metros performing better than the more established tech markets. More

First Person: Manufacturers: Disrupt or Be Disrupted

Karen Norheim, President & CEO, American Crane & Equipment Corporation (Q4 2022)

Area Development’s staff editor, Lisa Bastian, recently posed some question to American Crane’s CEO & President, Karen Norheim, about how overcoming pandemic challenges has strengthened the company for what lies ahead, as well as opportunities for women in manufacturing. More

Economic Impact and Importance of Social and Policy Issues

Stephanie Yarbrough, Partner, Womble Bond Dickinson (Q4 2022)

Businesses want to locate in states that adhere to their core values and are using their economic might to change the political landscape. More

ESG: The New Metrics in Construction and Real Estate

Michelle Palys, Vice President, Graycor and Brian Gallagher, Vice President, Corporate Development, Graycor (Q4 2022)

Key environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations include protecting the environment/reducing energy use, making positive contributions to the community, adopting inclusive workplace policies, and maintaining high standards of governance. More

Front Line: Unionization Efforts Trending Upward

Dan Emerson, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q3 2022)

According to the experts, respecting and listening to employees’ concerns is key to keeping unionizing efforts at bay. More

How to Effectively Hire During the New Normal

Cristi Waterson (Q2 2022)

Consider the benefits of internal recruitment, the use of agency software, as well as engaging a recruitment service provider when updating your industrial talent acquisition and hiring process. More

First Person: AI and Robotics in the Workplace

Carolina Weidler, Principal, Hendy (Q1 2022)

With COVID-19 changing the reality of the world’s population, it has undoubtedly affected the way businesses operate. Area Development recently discussed the use of robotics and other automation technologies in response to these changes with Carolina Weidler, leader of Hendy’s Science and Technology Practice Group. More

Locations That Promote Employee Health and Well-Being Coming to the Forefront

Peter Miscovich, Managing Director, Strategy and Innovation, JLL (Q1 2022)

As workforce location preferences have evolved over decades, one thing has remained constant: individuals want to work and live in locations that foster their physical as well as mental and emotional health. More

Five Ways Automation Will Strengthen Your Labor Force

Cristi Waterson (Q1 2022)

Automation, robots, and AI technology can create safer, more fulfilling work environments for employees, while simultaneously creating opportunities for workers to gain new skills and advance their careers. More

An Evolving Incentives Environment

Kathy Mussio, Managing Partner, Atlas Insight, LLC and Eric Dantzler, Director, Incentives Compliance, Atlas Insight LLC (Q1 2022)

Remote work is creating challenges for incentive agreements and compliance. More

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