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International Location Reports

Ontario: Coming Back Strong

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Location Canada 2022)

With a thriving base of both traditional and high-tech industries, Ontario is a top performer in Canada’s economy. More

Warm Economic Welcomes in the Caribbean

Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 2022)

From strong connections in its U.S. territories to a wealth of industrial opportunities throughout the region, the Caribbean offers more than just fun in the sun. More

Caribbean: Business Locations in Sunny Places

Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 2021)

Sophisticated technology and infrastructure attributes, friendly wage rates, multilingual skilled labor, and sometimes surprising real estate deals make the Caribbean islands an attractive option for investment. More

Global Innovation Hubs: Markets Driving the Future of Business

David Hickey, Managing Director, Hickey & Associates (Q4 2020)

Area Development interviewed David Hickey, Managing Director, Hickey & Associates, at our Houston Consultants Forum. Our discussion covered the factors that go into the making of a global innovation hub. More

What Should a CFO Know About Investment Opportunities in Latin America

Jeffrey Garza Walker, Senior Vice President, Cresa and Joshua Rodriguez, Vice President, Cresa (Q4 2020)

Jeffrey Garza Walker, Senior Vice President, and Joshua Rodriguez, Vice President, Cresa, spoke with Area Development about the state of cross border investment between the United States, Mexico and Latin America after their presentation at our 2019 Houston Consultants Forum. More

Supply Chain Growth in the U.S., Mexico and Latin America

Jeffrey Garza Walker, Senior Vice President, Cresa and Joshua Rodriguez, Vice President, Cresa (Q2 2020)

Jeffrey Garza Walker, Senior Vice President, and Joshua Rodriguez, Vice President, Cresa, spoke with Area Development about opportunities for relocation, investment and supply chain extension in Latin America after their presentation at our 2019 Houston Consultants Forum. More

Tech Innovators Find a Home for Invention and Growth in Canada

Tom Gresham (Q4 2018)

New incentives are making Canada an attractive place to invest. More

The U.S. and Italy: Natural Complementary Partners

Italian Trade Agency (Q2 2018)

The Italian Trade Agency’s innovative conferences help to illuminate the rich potential for new U.S.-Italy advanced manufacturing partnerships. More

International Location Report: Mexico Maintaining a Place in Global Manufacturing

Dale D. Buss, Staff Editor, Area Development (Directory 2017)

Despite dealing with a collapse in oil prices and threats of new tariffs to be imposed by the incoming Trump administration, Mexico retains significant economic advantages. More

International Location Report: Expectations for a Steady Canadian Economy in 2017

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Directory 2017)

Expanded immigration will help Canada to fill its need for skilled workers as its high-tech industry sectors expand and its economy continues to grow. More

Canada’s Intent to Create the World’s Largest Trading Bloc

Michael Darch, Founding President, Consider Canada Cities Alliance (Directory 2017)

Combined with NAFTA, CETA provides companies located in Canada with preferential access to the world’s two largest economies — the U.S. and the EU — that together with Canada represent half of the world’s GDP. More

Mexico Positioned to Attract Increased Foreign Investment, Anchored by Manufacturing

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q3 2016)

A solid economic performance and a pro-business climate — enhanced by political reforms and improved government stability — are helping to attract FDI to Mexico. More

Which Countries Have Lowest Business Costs?

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q2 2016)

According to the 2016 Competitive Alternatives report from KPMG, the United States has dropped to 10th place for lowest business costs — the only time the U.S. has ever placed this low in Competitive Alternatives rankings. More

International Location Report: Mexico’s Economy Is Setting Production Records

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Directory 2016)

Mexico is experiencing strong economic growth across a range of industrial sectors, which should be buoyed by further government investment in education and infrastructure. More

International Location Report: Site Selection in the Auto Industry – A Move to Mexico?

Alexandra Segers, General Manager, Tochi Advisors (Directory 2016)

A Mexican location holds many advantages for automotive OEMs and their suppliers, but several challenges need to be addressed. More

International Location Report: A Solid Foundation for Economic Success in Canada

Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development (Directory 2016)

Further investment in job training, innovation, and infrastructure by the new government in Ottawa will serve to enhance Canada’s economic strengths. More

Ontario’s Food Manufacturers Are in Proximity to Resources and Key Markets

Area Development Research Desk (2015 Food Processing)

Frozen pizza maker Dr. Oetker Canada’s first North American plant in Ontario, Canada, puts it in proximity to abundant farm produce as well as the US$19 trillion marketplace under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  More

Capital Investment, Technology Upgrades to Bolster Mexico’s Diverse Manufacturing Sectors

Dan Emerson, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q3 2015)

Whether they are manufacturing vehicles, airplanes, electrical cable, or something else, companies are finding the resources they need to compete in Mexico. More

Auto/Aero Firms Redrawing the Map

Dale D. Buss, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q2 2015)

Strong sales in the auto industry and a rebounding aerospace sector are spurring new facility/expansion projects in legacy as well as new locations. More

Resolve To Keep Up With These Logistics Trends

David Frentzel, New Harbor Consultants (Intermodal Sites 2015)

Yogi Berra was only referring to baseball at the time. However when he allegedly said that watching something was like “déjà vu all over again,” he could just as easily been summing up today’s major logistics trends, because many have a familiar ring to them. More

International Location Report: Mexican Economy on the Upswing

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Directory 2015)

One of the biggest recipients of FDI, Mexico has attracted a range of industrial investments in recent years, with its exports rebounding strongly. More

International Location Report: Energy and Manufacturing Drive Canada’s Economic Growth

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Directory 2015)

There are lots of reasons Canada is consistently a top G-7 performer - not only is its banking system one of the best in the world, it has a highly diversified economy, ranging from traditional industries like forestry and mining to knowledge-based sectors like IT, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing. More

Location Notebook: Union Pacific Intermodal Opens in Santa Teresa, New Mexico

Tim Feemster, Managing Principal, Foremost Quality Logistics (Q3 2014)

The $400 million investment for the 2,200-acre site will connect businesses to strategic markets in the southwestern U.S. and beyond. It will provide logistics gains for shippers along its Sunset Line, which runs 760 miles from El Paso, Texas, to Los Angeles and serves key locations in Mexico and Arizona. More

In Focus: Toronto Named World’s “Most Intelligent” Community

Lou Zacharilla, Co-founder, Intelligent Community Forum (Location Canada 2014)

The debate about whether broadband and technology should become required investments is over. The discussion now is how to connect these neutral technologies to an endless natural resource: the human being. For the next 12 months Toronto will be the city that serves as the model of the Intelligent Community movement and the future. More

Canada's Business Advantages Attracting Increased Inward Investment

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Location Canada 2014)

Its well-educated and skilled workforce, superior transportation infrastructure, safe and secure banking system, low tax rates, and enviable quality of life continue to make Canada a top choice for investment. More

Canada’s Clean Little Secret

Sean Dyke, Economic Development Manager , City of St. Thomas, Ontario (Location Canada 2014)

Canada’s clean-technology sector — including water, wind, solar, smart grid technology, and more — offers numerous opportunities and advantages to relocating or expanding companies. More

Ontario Aerospace Cluster Evolves ‘Innovation Ecosystem’ Approach

Richard K. Wallace, Editor and Publishing Director, The Next Silicon Valley (Q2 2014)

In today's global, knowledge-intensive tech clusters, places like Ontario are finding that they need to look beyond trade and commerce, beyond just sector and cluster economics in order to sustain business growth and future economic development. More

Ports Jockey for Post-Panamax “Pole Position”

Tim Feemster, Managing Principal, Foremost Quality Logistics (Q1 2014)

East and Gulf Coast ports are gearing up to accommodate the supersized containerships that will be able to traverse the expanded Panama Canal — and the delayed expansion process has given them the advantage of time to get ready. More

International Location Report: Canada Presents a Stable Business Climate

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Directory 2014)

Canada’s wealth of resources and pro-business environment has helped the nation to attract recent big investment projects from around the world. More

Mexico’s Investment Climate Heats Up

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Directory 2014)

Foreign direct investment in Mexico is strong and growing across most economic sectors and is buoyed by numerous free-trade agreements. More

Coming in for a Landing: Ontario’s Aerospace Cluster Comes of Age

Area Development Research Desk (Q4 / Fall 2013)

When manufacturing commercial airline components, a skilled labor force helps leave nothing to chance. Food for thought: the next time your plane lands safely and smoothly, you’re likely supported by landing equipment manufactured in Ontario, Canada, where 40 percent of all commercial airline landing gear is made. More

Canada’s Innovative High-Tech Sectors

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Location Canada 2013)

Canada’s clean energy, ICT, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing sectors are clustered around seven vibrant metropolitan areas. More

Canada Lays Out Welcome Mat for Entrepreneurs

Lisa Buddecke, Kelsar Industries (Location Canada 2013)

With a new plan to fast track visas and provide venture capital support, the Canadian government is hoping to attract individuals with the potential to positively impact Canada’s economy. More

Canada — Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Location Canada 2013)

A combination of beneficial attributes across a diverse industrial and geographic landscape has made Canada a global economic leader and attractive place to invest. More

Momentum Builds for U.S.-India Trade Agreement

James T. Berger (Q3 / Summer 2013)

The time appears to be ripe for the enactment of a bilateral investment treaty to reinvigorate commercial ties between the world’s two biggest democracies, the United States and India. More

Intelligent Rural Cities Offer Big-City Benefits Without the Urban Challenges

Robert Bell, Co-founder, Intelligent Community Forum (Q3 / Summer 2013)

The broadband connectivity of the 21st century has made rural areas vital places to grow a business and a career. More

Thailand rides technology, investment tide on 'new wave' supply chain

Richard K. Wallace, Editor and Publishing Director, The Next Silicon Valley (Q2 / Spring 2013)

Thailand has established itself as an important supplier and distributor in many sectors, from automobiles to food processing equipment. As a regional center for Southeast Asia, look for Thailand to become an even bigger and stronger partner to its growing roster of global manufacturers and suppliers. More

C-Level Executive Survey: U.S. On Par with Mexico as a Preferred Nearshoring Destination

Area Development Research Desk (Q2 / Spring 2013)

The report includes a survey of C-level executives from across more than 10 manufacturing-related industries, and 37 percent of the respondents cite the U.S. as the preferred nearshoring spot, the same percentage that prefer Mexico. More

First Person: Thailand Poised to Attract High-Tech and Knowledge-Based Industry

Supisara Chomparn, Director, Thailand Board of Investment, New York (March 2013)

Area Development’s editor recently posed some questions to the director of Thailand’s Board of Investment in New York, Supisara Chomparn, about the country’s economic growth and business attraction efforts. More

Foreign Investment Creates Most Jobs in China, India, & the U.S.; South Carolina, Texas, and North Carolina Lead in U.S.

Area Development News Desk (January2013)

IBM’s 2012 Global Location Trends report attempts to provide a current view of the world’s “location landscape,” as companies determine where to locate their operations in order to maintain their competitiveness. More

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