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Energy / Clean Tech

Industry in the Era of the Electron

Courtland Robinson, Energy & Location Strategist,  (Q1 2024)

Growth of the digital economy has put transmission-adjacent properties and the ability to interconnect at the forefront of the site selection process. More

In Focus: Working Toward Zero-Emission Buildings Ahead of Regulatory Mandates

Britt Willows, Portfolio Leader, Johnson Controls (Q4 2023)

All stakeholders working in unison will benefit the environment while also resulting in positive business outcomes. More

Front Line: Electrification of Industrial Processes

Dan Emerson, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q4 2023)

Reducing the use of fossil fuels in industrial processes will help cut costs while reducing GHG emissions. More

First Person: Aligning Energy Needs With Sustainability Goals

Courtney Dunbar, Site Selection & Economic Development Leader, Burns & McDonnell (Q4 2023)

Companies are continuing to automate, which is increasing their demand for power while, at the same time, they try to meet sustainability goals and remain competitive. More

Front Line: Green Energy Companies Building a Qualified Workforce

Dan Emerson, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q3 2023)

Labor unions and the offshore wind energy industry are working together to advance the transition to clean energy. More

Power-Intensive Site Selection

Courtland Robinson, Energy & Location Strategist,  and John Geib, Director, Enterprise Economic Development, Technical Services, Duke Energy (Q3 2023)

Manufacturers should prioritize accuracy in their load schedule, as there’s a downside to both underestimating and overestimating load requirements. More

Georgia Power: Meeting Industry’s Demand for Cleaner Energy

Georgia Power Community & Economic Development (Q2 2023)

By investing in a diverse mix of renewable energy sources, including nuclear, Georgia Power is recognizing the needs of its customers. More

The AEC Industry’s Transition to Net Zero Energy

Jennifer Breault, Senior Architect , SSOE Group and Jason Smith, Senior Project Designer , SSOE Group (Q1 2023)

Early, collaborative planning and design will help facility developers and owners meet their net zero energy goals. More

Location Factors for a Large Natural Gas User

Kris Hopkins, Vice President, Business Development , Greylock Midstream (Q1 2023)

By following the four strategies outlined below, the location team for a natural gas user can uncover more potential sites, reduce costs, and enhance competitiveness. More

Inflation Reduction Act Promotes the Nation’s “Energy Security”

Cory Wendt, Principal, Baker Tilly  (Q4 2022)

The clock is ticking for manufacturers to get maximum tax benefits on new projects under the Inflation Reduction Act. More

EVs to Bring About a Dramatic Transformation of the Automotive Supply Chain

Daron Gifford, Strategy Consulting Services Leader, Automotive Industry Leader, Plante Moran (2022 Auto/Aero Site Guide)

Electric Vehicles are here…but how ready is the supply chain? More

To Cluster or Not to Cluster…That is the Question!

Rich Thompson, International Director, Supply Chain & Logistics Solutions, JLL (Q3 2022)

Although clusters are here to stay in some sectors — think life sciences — other industries — among them EVs and semiconductors — are geographically branching out. More

Offshore Wind Is Coming to New York City

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development and NYCEDC (Q2 2022)

Wind turbines do not ordinarily come to mind with thoughts of New York City, but if current plans go forward, that will change dramatically in the near future. More

Louisiana: Global Challenges Create Opportunities

Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q2 2022)

Louisiana has stepped up the development of environmentally friendly technologies, water management, and coastal protection, while also tapping its strong resources in healthcare, life sciences, aeronautics, and traditional economic sectors. More

The Energy Transition: Moving Toward Renewable and Carbon-Neutral Solutions

Brian Gallagher, Vice President, Corporate Development, Graycor (Q2 2022)

The massive shift from fossil fuels to cleaner-sourced energy is not a simple or linear path forward. More

How the Biden Energy Plan Will Impact U.S. Business

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 2022)

With the federal government’s commitment to sustainable energy, businesses must act now to not only meet the new guidelines but also to satisfy customers and investors alike. More

First Person: Building a Sustainable Global Semiconductor Supply Chain

Brooke L. Beebe, Senior Vice President, Advocacy and Engagement, Hemlock Semiconductor Operations (Q3 2021)

Hemlock Semiconductor in Saginaw, Michigan, is the nation’s largest manufacturer of ultra-pure polysilicon that is sliced by other manufacturers into wafers to be used in solar cells and semiconductors. Area Development’s editor recently asked the company’s senior vice president of Advocacy and Engagement about the recent shortage in the global production of semiconductors that has been causing delays in the manufacture of products utilizing these chips. More

Canada Makes Foreign Investors Feel at Home

Katie Curran, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Invest in Canada (Location Canada 2021)

A rebounding economy — along with access to top talent and unmatched market access — makes Canada a top choice for investment. More

A New Approach to Energy Savings for Your Next Manufacturing Plant

Kris Hopkins, Vice President, Business Development , Greylock Midstream (Q2 2021)

“There’s a pipeline five miles away, so access to natural gas won’t be a problem… right?” More

2021 Gold & Silver Shovel Awards Project of the Year: Grön Fuels Complex Can Actually Reverse Climate Change

Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q2 2021)

Louisiana’s Grön Fuels facility plans to capture and sequester tens of millions of tons of biogenic carbon dioxide. More

Cultivate a Second Life for Decommissioned Power Plants

Courtney Dunbar, Site Selection & Economic Development Leader, Burns & McDonnell and Jeff Pope, Facility Decommissioning and Demolition Services Manager, Burns & McDonnell (Q1 2021)

As the need for industrial development grows and requirements for coal-fired decommissioning increase, land repositioning can offer a mutually beneficial solution. More

Redevelopment of Former Coal Plant Sites

Kerry Smith, informationworks (Q2 2020)

Industrial real estate firms are joining environmental investors to redevelop former coal plant sites in an effort to breathe new life into the communities where they are located. More

The Wabash Valley Power Alliance: Helping Businesses Grow

Lisa A. Bastian (Q1 2020)

By offering affordable, reliable power and working with its community partners, this alliance of electric cooperatives is drawing businesses to its Midwest service territory. More

Regional Report: Technology and Natural Resources Fuel Pacific States’ Economies

Tom Gresham (Q1 2020)

Located at the epicenter of the nation’s tech industry, the Pacific region also benefits from a wealth of agricultural and natural resources as well as its locational advantages. More

Houston: Young, Diverse and Innovative

Greater Houston Partnership (Q4 2019)

Susan Davenport, Senior Vice President of Economic Development at the Greater Houston Partnership, discusses how Houston’s economy has changed and grown over the last decade, drawing people and businesses from around the world. More

Dupont: The Decentralization of Manufacturing

Daryl Roberts, Senior Vice President and Chief Operations & Engineering Officer, DuPont (Q4 2019)

DuPont has operated its Spruance plant in Chesterfield County since 1929. For over six decades, Spruance has been a key site in the development of new fibers and resins, continuing to adapt to DuPont’s changing needs. Materials produced at the site include DuPont™ Tyvek®, Nomex®, Kevlar®, and Zytel® More

Building Smarter: How to Ensure Optimization from Start to Finish and Beyond

Jim Nannini, Vice President, Building Wide Systems Integration, Johnson Controls (Q2 2019)

A high-performing, future-ready, truly smart building can drive value for the occupants and organizations that depend on the facility. More

Electricity 101: How to Work with Your Utility Provider to Determine the Best Service Solution

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q2 2019)

By working with a utility early in the location decision process, a company can make sure it chooses the best site to reliably and cost effectively satisfy its energy needs. More

How to Build a Data Center and Keep the Lights On

Steven Cooke, Managing Director, USA West Region, Linesight (Data Centers 2019)

The data center building process is extremely complex, requiring careful planning with input from experts in wide-ranging fields. More

Plastics Industry Flourishes in Response to Market Demand

Dan Emerson, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q3 2018)

With U.S. natural gas costs being so low, the U.S. plastics industry continues to grow, while keeping an eye out for supply chain challenges brought about by changes in trade policy. More

How Innovation and Tourism Work Side By Side in Orlando

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q2 2018)

The success of Orlando’s theme park industry and cross-disciplinary technology innovation have led to the region becoming a leading destination for high-tech companies. More

When “Green” Turns to Gold

Dominick Brook, Senior Manager, Tax, Indirect Tax, Ernst & Young LLP and Akshay Honnatti, Senior Manager, Sustainability Tax, Ernst & Young LLP (Q2 2018)

Incentives can help companies improve the ROI of environmental sustainability initiatives. More

The Surge of Hyperscale Data Centers

Will Steffens, Principal, Sugarloaf Associates LLC and Timothy Comerford, Senior Vice President, Biggins Lacy Shapiro (Data Centers 2018)

Large content enterprise users are building data center complexes around the world, with nearly half in the U.S., and many in secondary markets. More

The Renewable Energy Industry Must Adapt to U.S. Tax Reform

Dorian Hunt, Senior Manager, National Tax, Ernst & Young, LLP and Christine Spratley, Senior Manager, National Location Investment Services, Ernst & Young, LLP (Q1 2018)

Renewable energy production facility developers must reconsider how to optimize their capital structures in the new tax environment. More

Advanced Manufacturing Drives Iowa’s Economy

Iowa Economic Development Authority (Q3 2017)

Supply chain mapping, data on autonomous fleets, and low-cost renewable energy can all be found in Iowa…surprised? You shouldn’t be. More

Advanced Technologies for the “Connected Age”

Dan Emerson, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q3 2017)

With new applications for leading-edge technologies seemingly being developed on an almost daily basis, the eventual implications for business and consumers, and on aspects of daily living, are only just beginning to be understood. More

The Value of Sustainability in Business Operations

Cindy Madrick, Vice President, Business Development, Cornerstone Environmental, Health and Safety, Inc. (Q3 2017)

Despite the administration’s focus on removing environmental protections, businesses’ sustainability efforts generally have a positive effect on their image as well as bottom line. More

Powerful Economic Development & Business Partners

Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 2017)

Publicly owned utilities have always been deeply involved in economic development. More

For Optimized Building Design, Consider the Key Priorities

Al Fullerton, Trane (Q4 2016)

When evaluating efficiency, it’s important to look beyond a single piece of equipment, as the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. More

A Business-Driven Approach to Utility Infrastructure

Jim Lewis, Electrical Controls Department Manager and Principal , SSOE (Q4 2016)

Whether a utility project is driven by production capacity, energy efficiency, regulatory requirements, or environmental sustainability, its ultimate objective is to add value to the business. More

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