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Capital Access / Finance

Location Economics as an Emerging Driver of Private Equity Decisions

Jacob Everett , Founder, Corsa Strategies and Steve Brunson, Principal, McGuire Sponsel (Q3 2021)

As they evaluate where to expand and which operations to relocate, private equity groups are increasingly evaluating location-specific factors. More

Restarting Delayed Capital Projects

Shawn Buchanan, Vice President/General Manager, Graycor and Brian Gallagher, Vice President, Corporate Development, Graycor (Q4 2020)

A collaborative approach to re-evaluation of delayed capital projects is in everyone’s best interest. More

What’s Next: Leveraging Mergers and Acquisitions with Incentives

Jason Lake, Executive Managing Director, Total Workplace, Cushman & Wakefield (Q3 2020)

A company merging with or acquiring another firm should make sure to perform its due diligence with regard to previously granted incentives before entering into the transaction. More

In Focus: Sale-Leasebacks Help Companies Leverage Capital

Jeff Berryhill, Stonemont Financial Group (Q3 2020)

Companies feeling the strain of the COVID-19 shutdown are finding new opportunities in sale-leasebacks. More

How CFOs Should Address Trade Questions — ASAP

Matt Clark, President & COO, Corcentric (Q3 2019)

Recent trade tensions and announced tariffs are proving disruptive to businesses, creating an uphill battle for CFOs, but they can mitigate supplier uncertainties by leveraging data. More

The Big Five: Key Tax Credits and Public Incentives

Brad Elmer, CFA Managing Director, Baker Tilly Capital (Q4 2018)

Subsequent to his presentation on tax credits and incentives in the financing package at our Consultants Forum, Brad Elmer, CFA, Managing Director at Baker Tilly Capital, sat down to discuss the topic with Area Development. More

Using Incentives to Tip the Corporate Capital Approval Scales

Kate Crowley, Principal,  Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP (Q4 2017)

A company will be better able to pursue and justify the use of incentives in the capital approval process by communicating and illustrating their impact on its investment decision. More

Navigating Uncharted Waters: 5 Trends Affecting Capital Investment Plans

Josh Bays, Senior Partner, Site Selection Group, LLC (Q1 2017)

A new administration in Washington, escalating wages, and a dwindling supply of industrial real estate are just some of the trends that may cause companies to take a wait-and-see approach to capital investment. More

The Importance of an Incentives Review Process

Minah Hall, Managing Director, Compass Key Site Solutions (Directory 2017)

Today’s reality requires companies to develop an incentives review process and give it due resources in order to obtain and stay in compliance with valuable negotiated incentives. More

Utility Companies: Powerful Economic Development Partners

Josh Bays, Senior Partner, Site Selection Group, LLC (Directory 2017)

Utility economic development organizations can bring a lot to the table during the corporate location process, especially in terms of technical expertise along with strategic and project-level funding. More

Frontline: Sale-Leasebacks Allow Companies to Redeploy Capital

Dan Emerson, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q2 2016)

When companies decide to invest in new, custom-built manufacturing or distribution center facilities, they typically do so because of a lack of existing buildings that would meet their needs. But investing in a new facility doesn’t always mean long-term ownership. Sometimes companies opt to sell the facility and then lease it back. More

In Focus: Funding Solar Projects for Commercial Facilities

Megan Birney, Director of Strategic Affairs, Wiser Capital LLC (Q4 2015)

Although companies can reap huge savings from installing solar energy, they may need to employ some creative strategies in order to secure project financing and must also consider the real estate available for such an installation. More

Incentives for Advanced Manufacturing: Out of Step with the Times

Dan Emerson, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q4 2015)

Automation and other process improvements have drastically reduced the number of workers needed to achieve a given level of productivity. Have state governments that use tax breaks and other inducements to attract industrial projects updated their incentives to reflect these changing times? Conversations with site selection consultants and state officials paint a varied picture. More

Compliance: Where Incentives Are Won or Lost

Gary Marx, Managing Director, BlueCap Economic Advisors, LLC (Q3 2015)

Proper incentives compliance reporting will help a company to ensure that it receives the full value of the incentives it was offered in the application and negotiations process. More

Headquarters Decisions: Real Estate Executives Make Their Mark

Brian Cohen, Partner, Transwestern (Q2 2015)

Headquarters location decisions present companies an opportunity to realign the corporate “home base” with current strategic and operational objectives. They also can be a catalyst for management to facilitate change and move an organization forward based on their vision for the future. More

Empowering Tenants in the Quest for Optimal Space

Mark G. Tornillo, President and CEO, Martek Global Services, Inc. (Q1 2015)

A tenant-based build-to-suit development provides complete transparency between the developer and tenant, enabling them to align their goals. More

The Manufacturing Paradox: Output Up, Employment Down

Dan Levine, Practice Leader, Location Strategies and Economic Development, Oxford Economics, Inc. (Q1 2015)

Replacing aging plant and equipment will lead to acceleration in capital expenditure and, in turn, an increasing level of manufacturing relocation projects. More

Decision-Makers, Drivers, and Inner Workings of the Location Selection Process

Lawrence Moretti, Principal, LFM Corporate Location Solutions (Directory 2015)

Those charged with making the location decision look to satisfy the company’s long-term goals, while achieving a return on the investment and minimizing risk. More

Planning for Expansion in Secondary Markets

Steve Jaffe, Chief Investment Officer and Principal, BH Properties (Directory 2015)

With increased demand for industrial space in primary markets, expanding or relocating business may find that secondary markets can meet prospective needs while offering financial benefits over core MSAs. More

Frontline: The New Economy, Crowdfunding for Civic Projects

Lisa A. Bastian (Directory 2015)

For a small but growing number of locales, “crowdfunding” is part of the solution for funding economic development projects. More

Critical Site Selection Factor #4: Occupancy / Construction Costs on An Upward Trend

Dale D. Buss, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q4 2014)

The higher importance reflects not only the continued proportional significance of occupancy and construction costs in companies’ overall cost equation, but also the fact that such costs are continuing to ratchet up as the U.S. and global economies proceed with recovery at varying paces, increasing demand and nudging up prices. More

The True Value of Economic Development Incentives

Grant Miller, Partner, Colliers International and Don Moss, Partner, Colliers International (Directory 2014)

Companies need to determine which incentives are of most value to them and also make sure they are utilizing all the incentives to which they are entitled. More

A Look Back - and Ahead - at the 2013/2014 Legislative and Incentives Landscape

Jason Hickey, President, Hickey & Associates, LLC (Directory 2014)

From what we witnessed in 2013, we can only expect more dynamic developments in state incentive programs and a continued focus on additional transparency. More

First Person: Putting U.S. Manufacturing Front and Center

Scott N. Paul, President, Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) and Clare Goldsberry , Staff Editor, Area Development (Directory 2014)

Scott N. Paul, President of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, discusses how government policy supports U.S. manufacturing growth, the perceived “skills gap” and mainstream media’s recent focus on U.S. manufacturing. More

Critical Location Decision Factor #5: Costs of a New Vs. Existing Facility

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q4 / Fall 2013)

Of course, it’s less expensive to rehab an existing facility than go with a build-to-suit, but the latter will give a company a custom fit. This is the Sixth in a series of articles examining the top-10 site selection factors as decided by the respondents to AD's Q1 Corporate Executive Survey. More

SMBs: How to Negotiate the New Lending Maze

Phillip M. Perry, Staff Editor, Area Development (Winter 2012)

While banks have more money than ever on their books, small business owners have difficulty qualifying for loans. The mismatch between lender and borrower results from a more conservative financial environment in which bankers rely on cash flow projections and businesses struggle with an uncertain market. More

In Focus: The Need for a Strategic Approach to Facilities Capital Planning

Ray Dufresne, Vice President, VFA, Inc. (Winter 2012)

As vice president in VFA's Consulting Services group, Ray Dufresne is responsible for management and direction of projects for customers across VFA's market base. Prior to forming the Consulting Services group in 2004, Dufresne led Assessment Services within VFA for 12 years. More

A Strategic Facilities Capital Planning Primer

Ray Dufresne, Vice President, VFA, Inc. (July 2011)

As the economy rebounds, access to readily available facility condition information provides a company with a strategic advantage. More

Managing the Complexity of Large, Capital-Intensive Projects

Phil Wales, CEO, eBusiness Strategies and Leo Sayavedra, Principal, eBusiness Strategies (Apr/May 10)

Structured collaboration allows companies to streamline project management operations and maximize profits. More

Financial Real Estate Strategies for 2010

Les Cranmer, Senior Managing Director, Savills  and Art M. Wegfahrt, Corporate Managing Director, Savills (Nov 09)

As we enter the new year, it is clear that companies are still evaluating best use of capital and cost savings from a location and real estate perspective. More

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