Area Development
Pacific Gas and Electric Company started construction on its new 60,000 square foot a state-of-the-art Gas Operations Technical Training Center in Winters, California.

The project will cost approximately $75 million and is expected to result in $300,000 to $500,000 in new property tax generation for the City of Winters, Yolo County and California, company officials said.

The 7.1 acres facility footprint will include the primary indoor technical training area with classrooms, labs, and offices, a service yard and a pipe-fitting training area. Within this area, 1.1 acres of graded gravel-surface will serve as a pipeline inspection training area. A “Utility Village”—up to 15 small training homes (600 square-feet) will provide a scale replica of a residential street used to train field service representatives. PG&E expects to staff about 50 full time employees once the construction is complete.

“We are excited to partner with PG&E to build this critically important training center in our city. As we move forward, I’m excited about the positive impact this facility and partnership will have on our vibrant community,” said Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, mayor of the City of Winters.

“In order to become the safest, most reliable utility in the nation, we must provide our employees with access to the best tools, technology and training. We are completely committed to maintaining and recruiting the industry’s best workforce and this facility is a perfect example of our ongoing investment in our employees. When we make an investment in our system and our people, we work hard to ensure it also has a positive and lasting economic impact on our local communities,” said Nick Stavropoulos, President, PG&E Gas.

“PG&E's investment in this center will serve as an economic driver for our community. The facility will provide a highly skilled workforce necessary to maintaining the critical energy infrastructure for our region. Bringing short-term and long-term jobs and a steady flow of revenue, this facility will have a positive impact on Winters, Yolo County and beyond for years to come,” said Congressman John Garamendi.