Area Development
Natural gas contractor Cenergy opened its new expanded operations facility and assembly plant in Milton, West Virginia. A West Virginia-based contractor for the natural gas industry, Cenergy provides turn-key facility and equipment engineering, as well as fabrication, for natural gas producers in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The centerpiece of the expansion is a new assembly plant that manufactures what are called measurement skids. The skids measure gas when it’s sold from producers to midstream suppliers or transmission companies. The facility operates three shifts: two welding shifts, where certified welders fabricate piping and steel structures, and one testing shift, where workers x-ray pipe to test for integrity and precision.

“Cenergy is proud to be a West Virginia company making a solid impact in the natural gas industry growth in the northeast and across North America,” President Chuck King said. “The West Virginia business environment helps facilitate our growth by providing the most resilient and talented workforce in our nation. From engineers to mechanics, electricians, welders, heavy equipment operators and instrument technicians, we have the best of the best in people and that leads to our success and growth.”

The company has expanded four times in Milton currently with 170 local employees – all highly skilled positions. That growth speaks to the reputation the company has built and the trust it has garnered within the industry, as well as the hard work and know-how of its workforce and management team.

“This expansion highlights the competitive edge that’s attracting more and more businesses to West Virginia, and we’re thrilled Cenergy chose to expand and reinvest in West Virginia,” said Governor Earl Ray Tomblin. “This project was a competitive process, and Cenergy could have chosen any number of locations to expand its operations, but we worked with them to meet their workforce needs and they chose to invest here in West Virginia. I want to thank Cenergy for continuing to expand its footprint in West Virginia and for giving hardworking West Virginians the opportunity to find good-paying jobs with a first-rate employer.”