Area Development
Axis Company will invest $4 million to expand its manufacturing and operations complex in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company plans to add 50 high-tech jobs.

According to The Right Place, Axis Company designs, programs and builds robotic automation and assembly equipment for a wide range of manufacturers and industries. The advanced automation systems manufacturer, is forecasting continued growth in the coming years. As a result, the company expects to hire 50 new team members over the next three years across various high-tech and skilled positions.

Michigan Economic Development Corporation is supporting the expansion effort with the approval of a $400,000 Michigan Business Development Program performance-based grant, as well as $125,000 in support from the Michigan New Jobs Training Program.

After exploring several options for a second location, including an out-of-state option closer to a major customer, The Right Place and the MEDC built a business case to ensure the expansion occurred in Kent County. As a result, Axis decided to add a new facility in Kent County to complement its current operations on Elmridge Drive.

Although several properties in the Midwest were being reviewed, the company felt that staying in the Grand Rapids area had so many benefits, including a strong advanced technology workforce, Right Place officials said.

“Robotics and automated production technology companies like Axis are innovating the future of manufacturing and providing quality jobs in our community,” said project lead Jen Wangler, Business Development Manager, The Right Place. “Our high-tech and skilled labor workforce is a desirable trait to fuel Axis’s continued growth.”