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Area Development
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Consultants Forum Workshop
Four Seasons Resort at Las Colinas
Dallas, Texas
September 20-21, 2015
Consultants Forum Workshop

Closing the Deal: How to take your project understanding and response preparation to the next level

A new boutique Workshop from the Consultants Forum

Competition for projects remains and will stay heated. Economic Development Organizations which are prepared to respond to RFP�s quickly with meaningful proactive information will frequently stay in contention longer than those who don�t.

Open to only 35 attendees, this new workshop provides an intense look at what this group of consultants sees as effective �best practices� that can improve your response efforts and better your chance to win projects.

Know your Labor Market Suitability and Demographic Attributes
Describing your workforce accurately and in the best possible light remains absolutely critical and increasingly challenging. This Session will share specific suggestions and prime examples of the most useful data and favorable means and measures of comparison.

RE/ Property
Why Real Estate Information can be a Pivotal Filter in the Evaluation/Elimination Process
Presenting relevant and attractive property solutions is a critical part of any RFP response. This session will provide direction on how to prepare and effectively provide information on real estate solutions in your region, as well as offer some concise technical insight into the relevance and importance of information critical to site evaluations.

How Quality Infrastructure Competes
Differences in quality infrastructure will continue to grow in importance and influence location choices especially in an economy where just-in-time manufacturing and distribution of goods are increasingly critical factors. This session will look at what infrastructure features improve the chance to win a project and how to over come short falls when they exist.

Creating an Innovative Incentive Strategy
For jurisdictions to be a serious contender in the site selection conversation, an emphasis needs to be placed on providing smart, creative incentive offerings that focus on a tailored approach for each project. The discussion will focus on successful case history examples that work.

Understanding Tax Structure on Final Location Decisions
Conducting competitive research and knowing who your competitors are can help differentiate your location and increase your chance for success. This session will be a primer on how several different types of taxes can serve as a guide to the interplay on taxes as it relates to incentives.

Panel Discussion
How do you take your project understanding and response preparation to the next level?
An open discussion on how consultants can work more effectively with ED professionals when going through the RFP process.

Round Table Discussions
A round table discussion ends both the AM and PM Sessions allowing timely Q&A follow up on the day�s proceedings.

Networking Sessions
The Workshop offers several organized networking opportunities with the speakers including an Opening Reception, Breakfast, Lunch, two Refreshment Breaks and Closing Reception.

Amy Gerber   Amy Gerber
Executive Vice President

Jones Lang Lasalle
  Minah C. Hall Minah C. Hall
Managing Director

True Partners Consulting LLC
Brad Migdal     Brad Migdal
Executive Managing Director

  Scott Kupperman Scott Kupperman
Kupperman Location Solutions

Host Sponsorship opportunities (5) are available that include your invitation to the private Meet the Speakers Reception (prior to the Sunday Opening Reception), one (1) registration and your locations information packet provided to each speaker. Rate is $1995 per sponsor.

For more information contact Dennis Shea at 800 735 2732 x208 or

Greater Conroe Economic Development Council
Tulare County
Sugar Land TX

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