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The Public Power Consultants Forum2
One Ocean Resort
Atlantic Beach (Jacksonville), Florida

March 21 - 23, 2016
The Public Power Consultants Forum
The Public Power Consultants Forum - Nashville, Tennessee
The Public Power Consultants Forum Slideshow
I thought all the speakers were high quality. I felt I would miss important points if I left the room even to make a phone call. From past experience, I know Area Development will deliver an excellent program.

I would attend and encourage others from the industry and our community to attend again also.
Greenville Utilities, NC

This was the second Consultant�s Forum I have attended. Both provided great value and I look forward to attending again. While my overall content value review was �met expectations� it is actually a high compliment as Area Development sets the bar high and it meets the mark.
New Bremen CIC ,OH

This was the best economic development conference that I have ever attended in my 31 years of experience. Excellent all the way around. Exceeded expectations. I was totally surprised by how good it was. I plan to attend others in the future. The whole conference was fantastic.
Illinois Municipal Electric Agency

The speakers provided unvarnished views on the site selecting process.
City of Anderson, IN

Excellent agenda. Speakers did a great job of incorporating utility sector into their presentations.
Jackson Energy Authority, TN

Exceeded expectations.
SRP (Salt River Project) Az

Excellent. Exceeded expectations. Would attend again.
McMinnville Electric System, TN

Every Speaker was well prepared and told me things I wanted, and needed to know. They were all impressive. Very well organized, great group of presenters. I will be able to adapt what they said to my situation. There was no session I felt like I could skip. I was not sure what to expect, since this was my first such event, but I knew two quality organizations like APPA and Area Development would come up with a first class event. The networking opportunities were great and there were plenty of chances to talk individually with the consultants, which was very valuable.
Kennett, MO Board of Public Works

Excellent organization. Consultant information very valuable.
Grand River Dam Authority, OK

I learned something from all of the speakers and presentations.
City of Rock Hill Utilities, SC

Exceeded expectations. Enjoyed the variety of site consultant�s �specialties�. Recommend that future forums keep the diversity!
Knoxville Utilities Board, TN

Excellent. Would attend again.
McPherson Industrial Development Co., KS

As a new economic developer, the consultants� candid comments were invaluable. I also appreciated the way the program adhered to the time schedule. Also, the venue was enjoyable. Thanks for all your hard work in putting this together! The insights from the site selectors were invaluable, and the networking opportunities allowed me to connect with and learn from colleagues across the country. I look forward to attending other Area Development forums in the future.
Denton Municipal Electric/City of Denton, TX

All speakers were excellent, and the information and open discussion stood out as exceptional.
San Antonio Econ. Dev. Foundation, TX

Great opportunity for one on one networking with consultants. Valuable breakout sessions, receptions, and the availability of the consultants during the event.
Jackson Energy Authority, TN

All did a great job of making the ED-Consultant relationship applicable to the power company perspective.
Tennessee Valley Authority

I went into the forum expecting to get information of value and I did.
Tacoma Water, WA

Exceeded expectations.
Indiana Municipal Power Authority (IMPA)

The forum was great. Glad to have been able to participated and look forward to the next.

City of Lawrenceburg, IN

I really enjoyed the conference and it was valuable use of my time. Many good ideas and strategic points for being successful in my position as a utility manager. I appreciated the program�s diligence in time management and staying on schedule.
Morristown Utility Systems

I want you to know the event was tremendous. Your speakers were the best continuous group of presentations I have heard at any conference in a very long time if not ever and were right on for the audience in attendance. Thanks for making it another first class event that was worth the cost of attendance.
North Mississippi Industrial Development Association

I really enjoyed the forum this week and will definitely plan on attending other Area Development events in the future. Please make sure I'm added to your distribution list so I can keep up with �all things AD�.
Clarksville-Johnson County Regional Chamber of Commerce. AR
  Nebraska Advantage Partners
  Santee Cooper
Greenville Utilities
GRDA Oklahoma

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