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Pumping Up the Use of Heat Pumps

Dec/Jan 08
There are lots of good reasons to switch to a heat pump. It delivers two to four dollars' worth of heat for each dollar spent on power. It eliminates any risks associated with combustion, including carbon monoxide. It's good for the environment.

But a lot of people won't spend the money for a heat pump. The Kansas City Board of Public Utilities aims to change that by offering customers rebates for installing energy-efficient equipment. Incentives encourage the purchase of both air-source heat pumps and ground-source heat pumps.

During winter, the pumps gather heat from the ground or the air outside and move it inside to heat the structure. In the summer, they do just the opposite, moving indoor heat to the outside. The Kansas City Board of Public Utilities also offers rebates for installing energy-efficient electric water heaters and boilers.

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