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Apr/May 08
Site Selection >>

How ICT Affects Your Site Decision

Gary Yates, Director of Site Selection, Jones Lang LaSalle (Apr/May 08)
Think speed, capacity - and taxes - when considering information and communications technology issues in the location process More
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

Communications Connections: Wired or Wireless

William Atkinson (Apr/May 08)
Efficiency, flexibility, and cost savings are driving growth in new ICT products and strategies. And America's most "wired" cities are reaping the benefits. More
Energy/Sustainable Development >>

The News About Renewables

Sue Kleeman (Apr/May 08)
Using renewable resources for electricity generation is a cost-effective way of ensuring a reliable energy supply and achieving customer satisfaction. More
Biotech / Life Sciences >>

Pharma and Biotech: Unstable Condition

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Apr/May 08)
Pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms in North America are restructuring to cut costs and diversify their marketshares - but profits are still high. More
Medical/Pharmaceutical >>

Medical Devices: All Boom, No Bust

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Apr/May 08)
North America leads the world in medical device research and development, with the needs of an aging population at the center of the industry's growth. More
Corporate & Consultants Surveys
Corporate Survey Results: Site Selection Factors >>

Emerging and Growth Industries Zero In On Energy Availability & Costs

Nate Monosoff, CH2M HILL (Apr/May 08)
Rising energy costs, limited availability, and new awareness of energy security issues are among the reasons this factor received a high ranking from the 2007 Corporate Survey respondents. More
Corporate Survey Results: Site Selection Factors >>

Site Selectors' New Environmental Consciousness

Linda G. Tresslar, Managing Director, Strategic Consulting Group, Grubb & Ellis Co. (Apr/May 08)
As companies are now being assessed on their sustainability activities and successes, it's no wonder that the "environmental regulations" factor was among the top 10 in Area Development's 2007 Corporate Survey. More
Texas >>

Texas Enjoys a Competitive Edge in Today's Global Economy

Lisa A. Bastian (Apr/May 08)
This past March, the state of Texas announced an estimated 370,000 businesses will receive a tax cut of $90 million in the form of a one-year suspension of the unemployment insurance replenishment tax. More
California >>

Location California: Taking Charge of Energy, Manufacturing, Higher Education, and Entrepreneurship

Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development (Apr/May 08)
When it comes to vitality and innovation, size has its benefits. The state of California is at or near the top of a wide range of economic and demographic statistics, so dominant that it is in many ways. More
High Tech/Nano/Electronics >>

Another Needed Economic Jolt

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Apr/May 08)
It's practically official. Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke warned Congress in early April that the U.S. economy might shrink over the first half of the year, signaling the start of a recession. More
Viewpoint >>

First Person: Charles "Chuck" Pawlak

Charles “Chuck” Pawlak , Vice President, Managing Director, Binswanger Technology Group (Apr/May 08)
Charles "Chuck" Pawlak, Vice President and Managing Director of the Binswanger Technology Group, provides insight on the site selection needs of high-tech firms More
Viewpoint >>

In Focus: Services Globalization - Helping Companies Manage in a Weakening Economy

Eugene Kublanov, Chief Executive Officer , neoIT (Apr/May 08)
Forward-looking companies can effectively manage the current economic slowdown by reassessing their globalization initiatives and rebalance their portfolios now. More

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