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Aug/Sep 08
Energy/Sustainable Development >>

Green(Ware)house Effect

Rick Underwood, APL Logistics (Aug/Sep 08)
From fuel conservation to the latest in lighting, heating, and cooling technologies, numerous means are available to help a company "green" its supply chain. More
Site Selection >>

The Business Life Cycle Effect

Phil Schneider, President, Schneider Consulting, LLC (Aug/Sep 08)
An industry's and company's life cycle has a direct bearing on its location strategy and site selection decisions. More
Site Selection >>

Megasites Equal Megabusiness: Certification Requirements and Processes for Megasites and Supersites

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Aug/Sep 08)
Certified megasites are quickly becoming the new standard for large expansions and relocations. What factors qualify a location as a megasite? More
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

Fueling Change in Intermodal Transportation

Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development (Aug/Sep 08)
The high cost of fuel is leading to fundamental changes in intermodal transportation, putting more emphasis on water and rail. And that's driving the creation of more intermodal facilities More
Workforce Training / Education >>

Employee Benefits: Outsourced or In-House?

Phillip M. Perry, Staff Editor, Area Development (Aug/Sep 08)
More companies are choosing to hire third-party providers to handle their employee benefits administration. What are the pros and cons? More
Site Selection >>

The New Railroad Resurgence

Lisa A. Bastian (Aug/Sep 08)
Certified megasites are quickly becoming the new standard for large expansions and relocations. What factors qualify a location as a megasite? More
Food Processing >>

Food Processing Industry Continues to Evolve

Lisa A. Bastian (Aug/Sep 08)
Food processors worry about rising energy costs among other concerns, while trying to keep up with consumers' demands for healthy, innovative products. More
Corporate & Consultants Surveys
Corporate Survey Results: Site Selection Factors >>

Who Needs - Or Wants - to be Near The Consumer?

Christopher Steele, President & CEO, EBP-US (Aug/Sep 08)
Proximity to major markets was only ranked 10th in importance by the respondents to Area Development's 2007 Corporate Survey, but economic and environmental trends may increase this factor's relevance. More
Corporate Survey Results: Site Selection Factors >>

Highway Accessibility Underpins Location Decisions

David V. Brandon, Senior Vice President, Site Selection Group, LLC  (Aug/Sep 08)
Highway accessibility - the number-one ranked factor by Area Development's 2007 Corporate Survey respondents - undeniably forms the essential nexus between workers, suppliers, producers, distributors, and markets More
Energy/Sustainable Development >>

Editor's Note: Green=$

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Aug/Sep 08)
We've known for some time that we - as individuals - need to reduce our carbon footprint. And, yes, we'll get to that soon. But it's amazing how paying $4+ for a gallon of gas has just raised our environmental consciousness. Demand for hybrid vehicles has surged and no one wants to buy that SUV that you swore you really needed just a few years ago. More
Viewpoint >>

First Person: Steve Penrose... Senior Vice President... Automatic Data Processing (ADP)

Steve Penrose, Senior Vice President, Automatic Data Processing (ADP)  (Aug/Sep 08)
Steve Penrose, Senior Vice President, Automatic Data Processing (ADP), says whatever city we choose has a good quality of life, and we make sure it is a place where people will stay or want to relocate to. More
Viewpoint >>

In Focus: Effective Energy Management for a Healthy Bottom Line

Scott Beckett, Director, Commercial–Industrial Sales, AmericasTrane (Aug/Sep 08)
Scott Beckett, Director of Commercial-Industrial Sales, Americas at Trane, says effective energy management is no longer an option - it is a strategic business necessity. More

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