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Oct/Nov 07
High Tech/Nano/Electronics >>

High-Tech Trends Have Global Effect

Susan Avery (Oct/Nov 07)
It seems that nanotechnologies are becoming integrated into every U.S. industry - but the nation does not have a corner on the "high-tech" market. More
Economics/ Government Policy >>

"Final Five"Eye National Bio Defense

Patrice D. Bucciarelli (Oct/Nov 07)
Only one of the sites in five states with long-established connections to public and private bio- and agro-research operations will be chosen- but they all feel like winners. More
Other Industries >>

Financial Services & IT: Heading for "Shore"

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Oct/Nov 07)
Security and cost concerns are driving more financial services and IT companies toward offshore and small-market "near-shore" locations More
Automotive >>

North American Automotive Industry Continues to Deliver

Mali R. Schantz-Feld (Oct/Nov 07)
Despite recent challenges, automakers and suppliers continue to exhibit confidence in the United States and Canada by announcing new projects and expansions and employing thousands of skilled workers. More
High Tech/Nano/Electronics >>

Electronics: New Gadgets = New Growth

Cynthia Kincaid, Staff Editor, Area Development (Oct/Nov 07)
The once-flagging industry is recovering with in-demand new products, global distribution resources, and cooperation between manufacturers. More
Corporate & Consultants Surveys
Corporate Survey Results: Site Selection Factors >>

Ranked #10: Availability of High-Speed Internet Access

Michelle Comerford, Project Director and Industrial & Supply Chain Practice Leader, Biggins Lacy Shapiro & Co. (Oct/Nov 07)
Business Globalization >>

Where Is Investment Headed?

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Oct/Nov 07)
The American Electronics Association (AeA) defines high technology as comprising 49 industrial classifications - from computers and electronic equipment to communications services and software/technology services. In actuality, though, the accelerating pace of technology is permeating almost every industry. More
Viewpoint >>

Energy Strategies Require Expert Management

Mike Wardle, Executive Director of HVAC Service Sales and Marketing, Roth Bros., Inc. (Oct/Nov 07)
With energy costs on the rise and no end in sight, many building owners are searching for new ways to control energy expenses and reduce usage. More

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