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Study: China Emerging as World Technology Leader

 A new study of worldwide technological competitiveness suggests that China may soon rival the United States as the principal driver of the world's economy, a position the United States has held for more than 60 years. The High-Tech Indicators study conducted by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology ("Georgia Tech") indicates that China will soon pass the United States in the ability to develop basic science and technology, turn those developments into products and services, and then market them worldwide. The study ranks 33 nations relative to one another on "technological standing," an output factor that indicates each nation's success in exporting high-tech products. Four of the major indicators are national orientation toward technological competitiveness, socioeconomic infrastructure, technological infrastructure, and productive capability. "When you take China's low-cost manufacturing and focus on technology, then combine them with the increasing emphasis on research and development, the result ultimately won't leave much room for other countries," says Alan Porter, study co-author and director of the Georgia Tech Technology Policy and Assessment Center. Porter also points to the rise of South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan as factors in the drop of the United States in standing. The entire survey and statistical methodology are available at the Georgia Tech Technology Policy and Assessment Center's website.

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