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Pharmco Expands Herbal Extraction Production at Shelbyville, Kentucky, Facility

Pharmco, a brand of Greenfield Global, expanded manufacturing capability for herbal extraction solvents at the company's facility in Shelbyville, Kentucky.

The company produces a range of products used in herbal extraction, including pure ethanol, denatured ethanol blends, high-purity solvents, MCT oil and hemp seed oil. Additionally, the company will work with extractors to develop custom alcohol or solvent blends based on application needs and customer formulations.

According to company officials, this expansion helps Pharmco meet growth goals and stay ahead of aggressive demand from cannabis extraction businesses for such products. The expansion will produce increased volumes of tax-free alcohol blends. The added production came online in December 2018.

"We are working hard to stay ahead of demand and establish the resources needed to fully support customers in the herbal extraction marketplace, which we predict will see exponential growth in 2019 and beyond," Frank Richards, Director of Business Development for Pharmco, explained. "Our efforts include both the expansion at the Shelbyvilleplant as well as enhancements to our sales, distribution and support networks throughout North America."

Pharmco said it supplies hundreds of customers all over North America from more than a dozen strategically located warehouses and distribution centers, all supported by centralized production in Shelbyville and the Greenfield Global infrastructure worldwide.

The expansion in Shelbyville includes both increased production for high-purity extraction solvents and upgrades to ensure continued quality and reliable supply.

"New and pending legislation legalizing hemp and other cannabis-related products, coupled with ongoing research into their uses, are creating significant opportunities for farmers and herbal extraction companies in North America," Richards said. "Our Pharmco brand is continually investing in the manufacturing infrastructure, supply chain, personnel and support systems needed to stay ahead of that demand and reliably meet customer needs in this industry for years to come."

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