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SML Group Opens RFID Technology & Innovation Center In Clayton, North Carolina

SML Group, a global supply chain and retail solutions provider, officially opened its RFID Technology & Innovation Center in Clayton, North Carolina. The center showcases cutting edge RFID technology, including tags, item-level RFID software, and hardware configurations, allowing partners, customers and SML Group employees to get hands on experience with RFID in real-world environments.

According to the firm, its facility was constructed in response to the growth in demand by SML's customers for item-level tags. SML saw high double-digit growth in revenue from sales relating to its RFID solutions business, and expects continued strong growth due to increased RFID deployments in the retail sector.

The center will both showcase innovation and serve practical purposes, Philip Calderbank, SML's Vice President of Global RFID said. “SML's North Carolina Technology and Innovation Center features a large RFID laboratory, including an anechoic chamber for testing a variety of applications involving hanging and stacked RFID-tagged goods, as well as multiple reader antenna arrangements,” he explained. “The facility in Clayton also includes significant investment to increase manufacturing capacity. The facility's production capacity gives SML a considerable jump in both inlay manufacturing and label conversion capacity. SML plans to offer its RFID Training Academy at this center, to educate customers on the latest RFID best practices and innovations and give them hands-on experience with SML tags, RFID technology, and Clarity software.”

In addition to tag technology and manufacturing capacity, the Center features Xterprise’s Clarity suite of item-level applications, which span both supply chain and in-store business cases. Full systems are in place so that customers can touch and feel the technology in warehouse, backstock, and sales floor environments, providing a view of how the technology can create business value for both brand owners and retailers.

According to SML Group Chairman Mr. Simon Suen, “We’re very proud of this Innovation Center. It gives our US customers access to the latest in RFID technology so that they can get hands on experience understanding the value proposition item-level RFID delivers. The Corby center has proven highly successful, and we anticipate the Clayton center following suit.”

In addition to the Corby and Clayton locations, SML plans to open an additional RFID Technology and Innovation Center in Spring 2015 at SML World Headquarters in Hong Kong.

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