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Georgia Direct Financial Incentives 2012

Georgia's economic development, finance, and tax organizations provide a range of incentive programs to initiate new business and commercial investment. Specific programs include Georgia Quick Start, Georgia Work Ready, and hiring assistance.

Hiring, Training, and Education
Hiring Assistance
Georgia's Department of Labor (GDOL) assists companies in recruitment by posting job notices, collecting and screening applications and/or résumés, providing interview space, scheduling interviews, and hosting job fairs. GDOL will work with private employment agencies that list jobs with the state.

Quick Start Employee Training
Georgia's nationally-ranked employee training program, Quick Start, provides customized training for new employees in skill-based jobs at no cost to qualifying companies. The training program is given to the company for its future use. Quick Start provides training space, instructors and all needed materials related to the program, potentially saving companies millions of dollars in training costs.

Georgia Work Ready
Georgia Work Ready is available for companies meeting minimum hiring requirements and is easy to access through the state's network of technical colleges.

Georgia companies can implement Work Ready two ways: through job profiling and Work Ready Certificates. Work Ready job profiles identify the job tasks and skill levels necessary to be successful in any job. Companies match those profiles to employees' Work Ready Certificates, which measure core skills, to ensure the right person is placed in the right job.

HOPE Scholarship and Grant
The HOPE Scholarship provides for low or no tuition fees at one of Georgia's 35 public colleges or universities for qualified graduating Georgia high school seniors. The HOPE Grant provides an opportunity for all qualified Georgians to receive degree or certificate programs at low or no cost through Georgia's technical colleges and schools. These programs can be advantageous to relocating families with children, and for a company training employees through local technical colleges.

Georgia's Intellectual Capital Partnership Program (ICAPP)
ICAPP is the University System of Georgia's economic development program. It was created by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia in 1995. ICAPP connects the intellectual resources of Georgia's 35 public college and universities to the state's business community in innovative ways. ICAPP staff and a team of economic development leaders from each campus help Georgia businesses tap into the University System of Georgia for college-educated employees, access to the latest research and access to business and operations advice.

Assistance for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs
Small businesses can qualify for many of the programs outlined in this brochure. In addition, Georgia offers several programs specifically designed to meet the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur and Small Business Loan (ESB) Guarantee Program
In partnership with the OneGeorgia Authority, the state can provide loan guarantees to spur entrepreneurial growth in specified rural communities throughout Georgia. The guarantee amounts can range between $35,000-$250,000, can be used for hard assets or for start-up and working capital, and require a 10 percent cash equity injection by the borrower.

Work Ready Reimbursements
Businesses employing fewer than 50 people are eligible to receive $250 (up to $1,250) per certified Work Ready individual hired to assist with hiring and training costs.

Centers of Innovation
Georgia's six Centers of Innovation provide unique, technology-oriented support to businesses and start-ups in the areas of Aerospace, Agribusiness, Energy, Life Sciences, Logistics, and Advanced Manufacturing. Each center provides direct access to university and technical college applied research, commercialization resources, technology connections, matching grant funds, potential investor networks and key government agencies. Client companies are connected with industry-specific experts who are on the leading edge of technology and new ideas. A common goal across all of the centers is to cut red tape, streamline connections and seek technology solutions to industry-led challenges. Within this framework the centers create a pro-growth, innovative business environment for industries critical to Georgia's expansion.

State Contact:
Georgia Department of Economic Development
75 Fifth Street NW, Suite 1200
Atlanta, Georgia 30308

Incentive and tax information is provided to Area Development by each state's economic development or commerce agency for information purposes only and is subject to revision at any time by the state government. Please contact the state agency directly for full requirements and offerings.

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