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Do the Clouds Hovering Over the U.S. Auto Industry Have a Silver Lining?

Steve Stackhouse-Kaelble (Automotive Site Guide 2008)

The feeling is inescapable: automotive manufacturing seems to be an industry that's run out of gas. That's certainly the story that can be gleaned from the business headlines these days. More

Organizations That Can Help With Auto-Related Site Needs

Area Development Research Desk (Automotive Site Guide 2008)

Sponsoring organizations have provided profiles on their locations, which are becoming auto-related manufacturing hubs. More

Logistics Challenges in a Changing Auto Industry

Kerry Zielinski, Vice President, Business Development, CEVA Logistics (Automotive Site Guide 2008)

The basic economics are changing for the American automobile industry at an alarming rate. Only a few years ago, decisions on product lines, engine platforms, style platforms, safety improvements, marketing development, and fashion were made for consumer demand out five to seven years More

Making the Most of Auto Industry Incentives

Dawn Baetsen, Managing Partner, Atlas Insight and Kathy Mussio, Managing Partner, Atlas Insight, LLC (Automotive Site Guide 2008)

Driven by consumer demand for fuel efficiency and alternative fuel vehicles, the automotive supply chain has been deeply affected by the cuts in production of SUVs and trucks, plant closures, and shifts in production location. More

Automotive Site Guide: Profiles

Area Development Research Desk (Automotive Site Guide 2007)

The following locations are becoming auto-related manufacturing hubs and offer many advantages to this sector. More

How to Site Your Next Facility: Site Selection Factors for Automotive Suppliers

Dr. C. R. (Buzz) Canup, President, Canup & Associates, Inc.  (Automotive Site Guide 2007)

The site selection criteria and factors used in performing site location studies for automotive suppliers vary broadly across the industry. More

Evolving Third-Party Logistics in the Auto Industry

Kerry Zielinski, Vice President, Business Development, CEVA Logistics (Automotive Site Guide 2007)

In the automotive industry these days, many companies are looking at strategic advantages in logistics to reduce costs. More

Creating a Win-Win Situation: Incentives Opportunities for Auto Companies in Transition

Larry Kramer, Incentis Group (Automotive Site Guide 2007)

How does an automotive manufacturer or supplier convince a state or community that economic incentives will play a vital role in enhancing the competitiveness and long-term viability of its operations? More

Stimulating the Life Sciences Industry

Scot Butcher, Managing Director, Duff & Phelps LLC (Biotech Location Guide 2009)

New incentives in place at the federal as well as state and local levels will help to stimulate growth of life sciences companies and affect their location and investment decisions. More

The Stakes Are High in the Life Sciences Location Game

James Cahill, Managing Director, Jones Lang LaSalle (Biotech Location Guide 2009)

Current trends and options as well as established criteria must be carefully analyze when the life sciences company makes its next location decision. More

Biotech Location Guide: Profiles

(Biotech Location Guide 2008)

Sponsoring organizations have provided profiles on their locations, which are becoming biotech hubs. More

How Can Biotechnology Companies Manage Growth and Mitigate Risk in a Global Market?

Matthew Szuhaj, Director, Consulting Strategy and Operations Practice, Deloitte (Biotech Location Guide 2008)

As the biotechnology industry matures beyond its R&D origins, first-generation biotech companies - like "Big Pharma" - before them, are facing important decisions about how to continue to develop products and establish production capacity to capitalize on the opportunities of a global marketplace. More

Biotech Location Guide 2008 Editors Note: Biotech Companies Mature and Expand Their Global Reach

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Biotech Location Guide 2008)

It has been said that biotech/life sciences companies, governmental entities, and the international community at large are all working together to feed, fuel, and heal the world - and the need has never been so great for all three. More

Business Drivers When Constructing a Bio-Sciences Facility

Jerry Guillorn and Stephen Neeson, LEED® AP, Structure Tone  (Biotech Location Guide 2008)

The life sciences company's construction services partner must understand the firm's present and - more importantly - future business model before work begins on a new facility. More

Biotech Location Guide: Profiles

Area Development Research Desk (Biotech Location Guide 2007)

The following sponsor organizations have provided profiles on their locations. These locations are becoming biotech hubs and offer many advantages to this sector. More

Biotech Incentives Help Create Winning Locations

Thomas J. Stringer, Esq., Managing Director & Practice Leader, Site Selection and Business Incentives Group, BDO USA (Biotech Location Guide 2007)

Biotechnology has been and remains one of the most sought-after industries in economic development. The huge opportunities, dynamic growth, and high talent pool skill sets generated by the industry make biotech companies very attractive candidate companies in the eyes of state and local economic development officials. More

Where Should You Locate Your Next Biotech Facility?

Jonathan L. Sangster, Senior Managing Director, CB Richard Ellis (Biotech Location Guide 2007)

It is acknowledged that the definition of "biotech" is broad and can include the life sciences, bio-pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies, medical technologies, and more. More

Logistics, Distribution & Warehousing 2009 Location Profiles

Area Development Research Desk (LDW: Logistics, Distribution & Warehousing 2009)

The following locations are especially suited to warehousing and distribution operations. More

Last Mile Delivery: Forgotten, But Not Gone

Bud Workmon, President, 3PD Inc. (LDW: Logistics, Distribution & Warehousing 2009)

Although last-mile logistics is only one small link in the supply chain, it's the only one that directly touches the customer - an important point to remember when considering your site options. More

Securing the Global Supply Chain

Curtis Spencer, President, IMS Worldwide, Inc. (LDW: Logistics, Distribution & Warehousing 2009)

Measures being undertaken by the U.S. Customs and in cooperation with other Customs agencies worldwide are helping to ensure the security of the worldwide supply chain. More

A Short List of Top Logistics Locations

Christopher Steele, Global COO and North American President, Investment Consulting Associates (ICA) (LDW: Logistics, Distribution & Warehousing 2009)

Cities that have performed well in diversified screenings in the recent past, are poised to capture significant new volume, or are otherwise likely to be centers of innovative logistics activity. More

It's the Network: Not the Node

Steve Geary, President, Supply Chain Visions (LDW: Logistics, Distribution & Warehousing 2009)

Careful consideration of current and future needs - all presented in the context of the overall network strategy - will help your company to pick the right site for its next warehouse facility. More

Logistics Distribution & Warehousing: Profiles

Area Development Research Desk (Logistics Distribution Warehousing 2007)

Sponsoring organizations have provided profiles on their locations, which are becoming logistics hubs. More

Logistics Information Management: How Is the Broker's Role Becoming Enhanced in the Warehouse Site Selection Process?

Jon DeCesare, CEO/President, World Class Logistics Consulting, Inc. (Logistics Distribution Warehousing 2007)

Brokers should act as logistics information managers and develop a matrix of a site's location parameters. More

Intermodal Trends: What Should We Expect in the International Supply-Chain System?

Curtis Spencer, President, IMS Worldwide, Inc. (Logistics Distribution Warehousing 2007)

The international supply chain is evolving to meet the need for consistency, increased velocity and visibility, and the incorporation of emerging technologies. More

An Explosion of 3PL Services: How Are These Expanding to Meet Customer Needs?

William Atkinson (Logistics Distribution Warehousing 2007)

A host of new services are turning 3PLs into company "partners" in the logistics process. More

Southern Exposure Equals High-Tech Innovation

Mali R. Schantz-Feld (Southern Tech Sites 2009)

This in-depth look at 14 southern states shows how technology is sparking development in a variety of industries. More

Crunching Data Across the South

Steve Stackhouse-Kaelble (Southern Tech Sites 2009)

Data centers don't create many jobs, but state and local governments covet the investment dollars they bring. More

Alternative Energy Generates Optimism

Mark Crawford (Southern Tech Sites 2009)

Federal stimulus funding and university-led initiatives are making the southern U.S. states fertile ground for sustainable energy development. More

High-Tech Jobs Head South

Mark Crawford (Southern Tech Sites 2009)

In spite of the recession, companies in technology industries are making multi-million investments in the southern states. More

Are Southern States Better Positioned for Technology Projects?

Jonathan L. Sangster, Senior Managing Director, CB Richard Ellis (Southern Tech Sites 2008)

A skilled, available work force, a favorable cost environment, the necessary infrastructure, and generous financial support have created a near-perfect environment for technology companies to thrive in the South. More

High-Tech Heats up the South

Area Development Research Desk (Southern Tech Sites 2008)

Learn more about the projects programs incentives that make technology thrive in exclusive conversations with economic development officials from 14 Southern States. More

Southern Technology Opportunities & Challenges

Susan Avery (Southern Tech Sites 2008)

Biotech, nanotech, IT, alternative energy, and other high-tech firms are advancing in the Southern region of the U.S., while still faced with today's economic uncertainties, social and environmental issues, and competition for talent. More

Nanotech in the South

Susan Avery (Southern Tech Sites 2008)

The National Nanotechnology Initiative, now in its eighth year, continues to expand its network of networks, to the point where artificial intelligence will soon be needed to keep track of everything going on. More

An In-Depth Look at the Southern States

Mali R. Schantz-Feld (Southern Tech Sites 2007)

The Southern states are thriving, thanks to entrepreneurs with innovative high-tech ideas, strong public and private investment, and enthusiastic support from state and local governments. More

Opportunities for Technology Firms Abound

John M. Rhodes, Senior Principal, Moran, Stahl & Boyer, LLC (Southern Tech Sites 2007)

From automotive to aerospace to life sciences, technology companies are taking advantage of the unique opportunities presented in the Southern United States. More

The Southern Spirit of Innovation

Steve Stackhouse-Kaelble (Southern Tech Sites 2007)

The South's participation in the "innovation economy" includes initiatives to build R&D and boost prosperity in the region's high-tech industries. More