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Cincinnati USA: A Region Set Apart

Cincinnati USA represents Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, and is drawing international business attention for its central location, innovation, and quality of life.

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Welcome to Cincinnati USA, a progressive three-state, 15-county region at the intersection of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, located on the banks of the Ohio River in the U.S. Midwest. and an all-together surprising region.
Cincinnati USA is a global business center with nine Fortune 500 companies, more than 300 foreign-owned firms, and invaluable accessibility to customers and suppliers across the world. It's a place where rolling hills and a scenic river valley strike a breathtaking contrast against a metropolitan skyline.
It is a region of contrasts - historic yet modern.established yet innovative.familiar yet surprising.urban and suburban at the same and individually focused. And it's these contrasts that create a unique vitality that sets Cincinnati USA apart from others.

At the Crossroads
Cincinnati USA sits at the crossroads of three states in the Midwest - a gateway to the world. Companies, clients, and supplies come and go via a first-class transit infrastructure, traveling across the globe and back with ease. Cincinnati's central location makes every major destination in the Midwest easily accessible, including Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Columbus, Cleveland, Louisville, Nashville, and others.
More than 1.5 million workers live within 50 miles of the heart of the city, and Cincinnati is in the nation's top-10 markets for number of Fortune 500 headquarters per million residents, higher than New York, Boston, Chicago, or Los Angeles.

Cincinnati USA Partnership
300 Carew Tower
441 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Phone: 513-579-3107
Fax: 513-579-3101
An Enviable Quality of Life
With its wide variety of world-renowned arts offerings, major and collegiate sports franchises, a multitude of educational opportunities, and a lively quality of life, there is always something interesting to do.
Cincinnati USA offers a network of contrasting neighborhoods full of vibrant diversity, with each one being distinctly special, yet still part of a close-knit familiar community. Cincinnati USA is a livable region that is safe, with a low cost of living and affordable housing, with a commuter-friendly atmosphere.
Cincinnati USA's cost of living is truly remarkable and has been long underrated. Cost of living is generally only appreciated upon experience; however, compare the standard of living between Cincinnati and any other major metro, and you will quickly realize how affordable Cincinnati truly is.

A Nationally Recognized Location
Although Cincinnati is a community of communities, a friendly mesh of easy-going people, and a surprisingly affordable destination, it is also nationally renowned and recognized. Cincinnati generates national buzz and interest through several avenues, including sports, museums and attractions, and educational institutions.
Cincinnati was home to the first professional baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds; the city also features NFL action with the Cincinnati Bengals and other sports, such as hockey, tennis, volleyball, and more. Don't forget about our college sports, too.
Cincinnati USA is one of only a dozen cities that has all five major arts disciplines represented (ballet, opera, art, symphony, and theater), and is home to the fifth-oldest symphony orchestra, and a two-time Tony Award-winning Playhouse in the Park.

Cincinnati USA Partnership
The Cincinnati USA Partnership is the regional economic development initiative directed by the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. The Partnership is responsible for attracting new business, jobs, and investment to the three-state, 15-county region. This is achieved by marketing the region domestically and internationally, generating and managing prospects, identifying retention issues and opportunities, and partnering with local communities to win projects.
The work of the partnership is supported through a five-year campaign with investment from nearly 200 companies, public economic development organizations, and over 1,000 chamber members.

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