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Oklahoma - North America's Best Choice for Business Investment

At the central crossroads of I-35, I-44, and I-40, Oklahoma is positioned to welcome international businesses, especially to its strong aerospace, renewable energy, and bioscience sectors.

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Oklahoma has one of the fastest-growing economies in the United States, ranking among the top states in per capita income growth and gross domestic product growth.
Oklahoma recognizes the tremendous role that foreign direct investment plays in creating and growing jobs statewide. International businesses can thrive in Oklahoma because the state has an ideal, central location in North America with integrated transportation access, a competitive cost of doing business, great business incentives, a well-prepared workforce, and cutting-edge R&D that supports the state's critical industries: aerospace, traditional and renewable energy, bioscience, advanced food processing and packaging, corporate services, technology development, and advanced manufacturing.

Location and Transportation
Oklahoma's central location, low transportation costs, and comprehensive transportation system - interstate, rail, air, and inland ports - can affordably and easily connect your company to national and worldwide markets.
Highways: Oklahoma sits at the crossroads of I-35, I-44, and I-40, three of the major highways in the U.S. Airports and Trade Zones: Oklahoma is home to 149 public-use airports, two international airports designated as foreign-trade zones, and seven offering commercial services.  Rail: Oklahoma's extensive rail service and network of carriers operate 3,853 miles of railroad track, including 2,536 miles of Class 1 service.
Waterways: The state ports connect to the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System, the nation's most inland all-weather seaport, linking Oklahoma to major U.S. markets along the Mississippi River and to the Gulf of Mexico.

Competitive Cost of Business
Oklahoma's overall cost of doing business consistently ranks among the most competitive in the nation. Specifically, Oklahoma's labor costs and industrial electric rates are substantially below the U.S. national average, and Oklahoma boasts the fifth-lowest overall tax burden.

Erika Lucas, Director Foreign Direct Investment
Oklahoma Department of Commerce
900 North Stiles Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Phone: 405-815-5187 or
Fax: 405-605-2987
Pro-Business Incentives
Oklahoma's globally recognized incentives give businesses the opportunity to choose between a cash incentive or a tax credit package, and in some cases, qualifying companies can take advantage of both programs. Additionally, a five-year ad valorem property tax exemption, customized employee training, key sales tax exemption, Freeport inventory benefits, foreign-trade zone, and state and local financing programs could be available for qualifying companies.

Career-Ready Workforce
Oklahoma's certified skills-tested workforce supports diverse, technologically advanced industries. Oklahoma's Workforce Team assists your company with all human resource needs, including recruitment, workforce screening, and no-cost/low-cost customized workforce training.

Statewide Research & Development Support
Each year in Oklahoma, millions of dollars of federal and state funds are committed to R&D. Through Oklahoma's R&D organizations and major institutions of higher education, businesses can take advantage of funding and programs, which include technical consulting, laser scanning, reverse engineering, prototyping, stereo lithography cost analysis, process instrumentation, ISO training, and LEAN manufacturing among other process improvement methods.

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