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EeroQ Relocates-Plans Chicago, Illinois, Headquarters

EeroQ, a leader in the field of quantum computing, is moving its headquarters to The Terminal in Chicago, Illinois.

The company signed a lease for a 9,600 square foot engineering lab and office.

"Chicago will become a leading center for quantum computing," said Nick Farina, EeroQ CEO. "Talent and local support are critical, and we have found all of that in Chicago with a world-class base of quantum computing talent and unmatched local support. We conducted a national search for a headquarters and Chicago was by far the best option for us."

"Illinois has been at the forefront of computing for more than 70 years, and EeroQ is joining the next generation of Illinois computer science pioneers," said Intersect Illinois CEO Dan Seals. "We welcome EeroQ and look forward to watching the company grow as a part of Illinois’ thriving quantum computing ecosystem."

At the heart of EeroQ’s technology is the trapping and control of individual electrons floating above pools of superfluid helium. These electrons form the qubits of our quantum computer, and the purity of the superfluid helium protects the intrinsic quantum properties of each electron. The company’s ultimate goal is to build a large-scale quantum computer based on quantum magnetic (spin) state of these trapped electrons.

"On behalf of the business community, welcome EeroQ to Chicago," said Michael Fassnacht, President & CEO, World Business Chicago. "Here you will find an engaged, strong, and active community of innovators, disruptors, and business leaders excited to have you join us in seeing Chicago continue to expand into a global hub in quantum technology."

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