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FuelPlus Group Opens United States Operations Center In Marlborough, Massachusetts

FuelPlus Group, a leading Germany-based provider of aviation fuel management software to airlines and fuel suppliers, entered the United States market with the opening of a new office in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

"We want to offer more direct support to US airlines," says FuelPlus Group CEO, Klaus-Peter Warnke. "We can help them to streamline their fuel management process, saving them time and money. We are already doing this extensively in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region,over 50 airlines use our software and 25% of the world's aviation fuel is managed within it, so we thought that it was time for the US carriers to benefit."

It has also released new features aimed at the US market in its product for airlines, Airline.One. The Airline.One software brings together fuel data from all of an airline's systems and teams into one specialist platform.

"This enables airlines to more effectively plan, source, monitor and correctly account for their largest expense: fuel," says Mr Warnke. Airline.One contains a number of modules designed to automate specific fuel processes, such as strategic and operations planning, tendering, replenishment, operations monitoring and accounting.

Features of particular interest to the US market include the Inventory and Logistics Module, aimed at airlines that buy fuel for self-supply, a large proportion of US carriers. This module helps airlines to ship fuel, by pipeline, truck or any other means of transportation, and monitor where their fuel is at any one time so they can keep the inventory accurate and up-to-date, officials said.

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