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Clif Bar & Company Opens $90 Million Bakery In Twin Falls, Idaho

Clif Bar & Company, an organic and nutritious food manufacturer, opened its $90 million bakery in Twin Falls, Idaho. The bakery is a one-of-a-kind, sustainability-focused facility that intentionally uses biophilic design, a cutting-edge approach that connects people in buildings with nature.

The new 300,000-square-foot bakery includes more than 200 windows, vaulted skylights, light-directing solatubes, indoor walls of recycled barn wood and natural stone, indoor plants, and sliding doors that connect an auditorium to an outdoor event space. A packaging area without exterior windows offers wall-projected images of the natural outdoors that rotate daily.

“It was really important to us that our Twin Falls bakery embodied our company values,” said Kevin Cleary, CEO, Clif Bar, a leading maker of nutritious and organic food. “We wanted it to be a healthy, welcoming place for people to work—a workplace that sustains our people, the community and the planet.”

According to officials, the bakery’s green building design elements include hybrid cooling towers that help it use about a third less water than most conventional bakeries. On-demand conveyors, LED lighting, a reflective roof and a water source heat pump use about 20 percent less energy. Efficient refrigeration equipment and processes trim approximately 40 percent from typical bakery refrigerant emissions.

Clif Bar is pursuing LEED certification for the building from the U.S. Green Building Council. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is the most widely used green building rating system in the world.

“Clif Bar has already established itself as a premier employer and outstanding corporate citizen in Twin Falls,” said Shawn Barigar, Mayor of Twin Falls, Idaho. “We look forward to continued partnership to support both the company’s and community’s vision.”

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