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Fall 2011
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2011 Top States For Doing Business Survey Results

Area Development Special Presentation (Fall 2011)
For the second year in a row, Area Development has conducted a survey of a select group of highly respected location consultants who work with a nationwide client base. We asked the consultants to name their top-5 state choices in 12 site selection categories. More
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Growth Strategies: How Recession Economics Affect Corporate Relocation Decisions

Neil Schneider, Executive Vice President & Principal, McCall & Almy (Fall 2011)
The anemic economic recovery is causing facility real estate managers to take a conservative, short-term approach to their decisions. More
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Correct Application of Green Technology in Buildings is Key

Michael Turner, CEO and Forensic Architect, Cognitio Consulting (Fall 2011)
Although applying green technology is important to a building's sustainability, components must be correctly designed and installed in order to maximize performance and building economy. More
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Super-Regions Mean Super-Business

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Fall 2011)
Through regional collaboration, cities/communities are leveraging their transportation, business, and cultural strengths, providing an advantage to companies that choose to locate in their regions, while helping grow their economies. More
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Housing Crunch Puts Squeeze on Corporate Expansions

Dave Claborn , Staff Editor, Area Development; Director of Development and Community Relations, Ohio State University, Marion (Fall 2011)
Despite today's high unemployment, the weak housing market has made potential hires unwilling - or unable - to relocate for a new job. More
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CIOs at the Forefront in Real Estate Decision-Making

Bill Knotts, Senior Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield, Inc. (Fall 2011)
When it comes to real estate strategy and implementation, the CIO's role has become indelible and has fostered a new level of partnership with commercial real estate service providers. More
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Partner with Your Accounting Team to Unlock Green Incentives

Julio Gonzalez, Engineered Tax Services (Fall 2011)
The tax savings to be gained from greening your facility can make a significant contribution to your bottom line. More
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How Locating Near a University Could Benefit Your Company's Bottom Line

Patrick O. Gottschalk, Chair, Economic Development Team, Williams Mullen (Fall 2011)
Utilizing the resources of nearby universities will help a company to engage in R&D, acquire best practices for business, and enhance work force development and recruitment. More
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Global Innovation Trends Impact the Business Location Process

Richard A. Bendis, President and CEO, Innovation America (Fall 2011)
With high unemployment rates and the critical need for job creation, performance indicators for economic development activity are needed now more than ever. More
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Editor's Note Fall 2011: Earthquake, Floods - and High Unemployment to Boot

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Fall 2011)
The end of summer brought bad weather - an earthquake rumbling Georgia to Maine and Hurricane Irene flooding areas all along the Atlantic Seaboard. When it comes to economic news, the nation was similarly assaulted. More
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In Focus: Corporate Solar Responsibility and Its Potential

Joe Langan, President and CEO, Langan Energy Solutions (Fall 2011)
Office buildings consume an enormous portion of our national energy production, impacting both the environment and company pocketbooks. It is time that office-building owners begin to explore solar system options. More
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Demand Response Funds Energy Savings & Corporate Earnings

Terrill Laughton, Johnson Controls (Fall 2011)
DR has clearly emerged as an early example of "smart grid" enabling technology, empowering electricity users to reduce consumption - and get paid - for responding to grid emergencies or market-price events. More
Florida >>

Florida - A Future Logistics Hub?

John Carver, Executive Vice President, Ports Airports and Global Infastructure Group, Jones Lang LaSalle (Fall 2011)
With its proximity not only to the east/west all-water route from Asia via the Panama Canal, but also its strategic position as the U.S. gateway to north/south trade with the emerging economies of Central and South America, Florida is fast-becoming a logistics hub. More
High Tech/Nano/Electronics >>

New Technology Accelerator Bridges Start-Ups From Innovation to Commercialization

Michael Alt, Director, Eastman Business Park (Fall 2011)
The consortium, known as the Innovation and Materials Science Institute, includes organizations across a range of disciplines to help middle-stage technology companies fast-track new products to market. More
Energy/Sustainable Development >>

Small Wind Turbine Manufacturers Set Up Shop Across the Country

John K. Borchardt (Fall 2011)
While the U.S. industrial giant General Electric and foreign firms like Vestas, Siemens, and others dominate production of the large wind turbines used on massive wind farms, small and mid-sized companies across the United States are manufacturing smaller wind turbines designed for use at the top of office towers and in facilities such as airports and shopping malls. More
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The NLRB Ups the Ante

Woodruff Imberman, President, Imberman and DeForest (Fall 2011)
The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is continuing its pro-union agenda with all the enthusiasm of a cat chasing a canary. More
International Location Reports >>

Canada Report: Ahead of the Curve in Returning to Pre-Recession Conditions

Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development (Fall 2011)
Sound decision-making by Canadian banks and businesses has resulted in the nation's weathering the global economic downturn better than most and putting it in a position to grow more rapidly. More

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