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Q2 2016
Advanced Manufacturing Playbook
Government Policy / Business Climate >>

Partners, Not Handouts: A Winning Model for Manufacturing Innovation

Jubal Smith, Managing Director, Location Economics, JLL (Q2 2016)
When economic development policymakers are viewed as collaborators, everybody wins. More
Advanced Manufacturing >>

Reducing Energy Consumption of Manufactured Goods

Mark Johnson, Director, Advanced Manufacturing Office (Q2 2016)
By obtaining technology and scientific grants, government performance contracts, and economic development support, innovative companies can quickly flourish. More
Taxes / Incentives >>

The R&D Tax Credit — A Game-Changer for Manufacturers

Dean Zerbe, National Managing Director, alliantgroup (Q2 2016)
Recent legislation making the R&D tax credit permanent is a big boon to manufacturers of all sizes, helping them to innovate and expand. More
Advanced Manufacturing >>

Best Practices for Creating an Innovative, Advanced Manufacturing Culture

Dan Levine, Practice Leader, Location Strategies and Economic Development, Oxford Economics, Inc. (Q2 2016)
Promoting innovative, advanced manufacturing cultures within a community involves strategic planning and effective partnership with public institutions. More
Advanced Manufacturing >>

Taking a Product from Prototype to Production

Olivier Brauen, Vice President, Michelin Tweel Technologies (Q2 2016)
In order to understand a manufacturer’s process of developing innovative products and bringing them to market, ?Area Development’s editor recently spoke with Olivier Brauen, head of Michelin Tweel Technologies, and Jack Olney, the director of sales. More
Advanced Manufacturing >>

Becoming Digital — and Innovative — Manufacturers

Michael Walton, Global Head of Manufacturing Industry, Google for Work (Q2 2016)
In an exclusive Area Development interview, Michael Walton, Global Head of Manufacturing Industry, Google for Work, explains why it is important for manufacturers of all sizes to establish a culture of innovation within their organizations and how they can go about doing this. More
Advanced Manufacturing >>

Ideas for Industry Innovation Ecosystems Put Into Play

Craig Giffi, Vice Chairman, U.S. Automotive Leader, Deloitte LLP (Q2 2016)
Innovation ecosystems and advanced technologies are unlocking opportunities for manufacturers, while advancing national prosperity. More
Advanced Manufacturing >>

Public/Private Partnerships Help Entrepreneurs Bring Ideas to the Marketplace

Jeff Troan, Managing Director, Vista Site Selection, LLC (Q2 2016)
By obtaining technology and scientific grants, government performance contracts, and economic development support, innovative companies can quickly flourish. More
Economy / Market Analysis >>

West’s Economic Lead is Tested in 2016

Steven G. Cochrane, Managing Director, Moody's Analytics (Q2 2016)
The Southeast is now vying with the West for the top spot for employment growth. The West is still clearly the leader, but job growth along the South Atlantic coast and in the East South Central — from the Gulf up to Kentucky — has accelerated in recent months. More
Special Reports
Leading Metro Locations >>

Leading Locations for 2016: San Francisco-Redwood City-South San Francisco Ranks First Among MSAs

Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q2 2016)
For the sixth year, Area Development has tackled the question with a multifaceted approach that crunches a wide variety of data to arrive at rankings in four vital factors — Prime Workforce, Economic Strength, Year-Over-Year Growth, and Five-Year Growth. More
Annual Econdev Awards >>

2016 Gold & Silver Shovel Awards Recognize States That Have Garnered High-Impact Economic Development Projects

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q2 2016)
The states receiving this year’s Shovel Awards are being recognized for their large numbers of high-impact economic development projects, including $1 billion+ deals with thousands of new jobs. Six states — California, Ohio, Tennessee, South Carolina, Nevada and Utah — are being awarded Gold Shovels in recognition of projects undertaken in 2015. More
Investment Report
Texas >>

Texas Today 2016: A Diverse Roster of Companies Continue to Seek Out Texas’ Pro-Business Environment

Dale D. Buss, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q2 2016)
Through industrial diversification, Texas has been able to overcome a decline in economic output resulting from lower oil prices and continues to court companies with its pro-business know-how. More
Advanced Manufacturing >>

First Person: 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing - A Valuable Tool for OEMs

Terry Wohlers, President, Wohlers Associates, Inc. (Q2 2016)
One of Area Development’s staff editors recently interviewed Terry Wohlers, founder of Wohlers Associates, about the state of the 3D printing industry, aka additive manufacturing, which has experienced enormous growth in recent years, going far beyond its original “prototyping” usage to become a manufacturing tool for end-use products in some of the world’s largest OEM production facilities. More
Economy / Market Analysis >>

Editor’s Note: Disruptive Technologies Continue to Change the Face of Manufacturing

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q2 2016)
Robotics, additive manufacturing, the IoT and other disruptive technologies are helping manufacturers boost productivity and cut costs; the states and metro areas that have the know-how to help businesses become innovative are recognized in our Shovel Awards and Leading Locations reports. More
Workplace Trends >>

In Focus: Unintended Consequences of the Open-Office Model

KC Conway, Senior Vice President, SunTrust Bank (Q2 2016)
KC Conway, senior vice president for credit risk management, is responsible for market intelligence at SunTrust Commercial Real Estate and oversees real estate valuation for SunTrust Bank. Conway is a nationally recognized speaker on a wide range of commercial real estate topics, from appraisals and bank regulation to ports and securitization. More
Frontline >>

Frontline: New Tech Havens Bloom as Digitization Transforms U.S. Economy

Dale D. Buss, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q2 2016)
The fluidity of digital innovation - and its lack of dependence on a traditional industrial infrastructure - means that tech havens are blooming in newer magnets where tech-savvy workers are prevalent, ranging from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Richmond, Virginia. More
Capital Access / Finance >>

Frontline: Sale-Leasebacks Allow Companies to Redeploy Capital

Dan Emerson, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q2 2016)
When companies decide to invest in new, custom-built manufacturing or distribution center facilities, they typically do so because of a lack of existing buildings that would meet their needs. But investing in a new facility doesn’t always mean long-term ownership. Sometimes companies opt to sell the facility and then lease it back. More
Exclusive Online Content
Asset / Facility Management >>

Know Your Options When Leasing Office Space

Troy Golden, President, Golden Group Real Estate (Q2 2016)
The extension, lease termination, and right-of-first-refusal options are powerful tools for tenants of office space. More
Taxes / Incentives >>

Location & Incentive Opportunities and Strategies: The Value in Exploring “the Rest of the Story”

Tom Dubel, Senior Director, Location and Incentive Strategies, Altus Group (Q2 2016)
If a company can prove its value to the community where it is or wants to be located, it may be able to secure a valuable incentives package as a result of telling “its story.” More
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

Improving the Commute - and Economic Development - With BRT

Tom Ewing, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q2 2016)
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) offers communities many advantages, but systems across the nation have met with varied measures of success. More

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