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Q3 2019
Cover Story
Skilled Labor / STEM >>

Gen Z: Shaping Location and Expansion Decisions

Tracy King Sharp, Chief Operating Officer, Boyette Strategic Advisors (Q3 2019)
Companies using artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and other technology are seeking out Gen Zers to fulfill their workforce needs — in places this most tech-savvy cohort of the labor force wants to be. More
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

The Ever-Greater Expectations for Infrastructure

Warren C. Matthews, Burr & Forman (Q3 2019)
Companies providing quality jobs have never been in a better position to ask for the infrastructure and incentives they need in order to locate their facility — or remain — in a community. More
Construction / Project Planning >>

Design-Build Firms Add Value to the Location Decision Process

Tom Gresham (Q3 2019)
With the aid of advanced technology, design-build firms provide valuable capabilities and expertise in the site selection process, reducing risk and providing cost and scheduling certainty. More
Asset / Facility Management >>

Artificial Intelligence: A Game-Changer for Corporate Space

Pranav Tyagi, Founder, President & CEO, Tango (Q3 2019)
Thanks to vast amounts of available data and an evolved computational infrastructure, AI is fundamentally changing the way organizations plan and manage their real estate and facilities. More
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

Seaports Coping With Rising Trade Volumes, Tight Real Estate Markets

Walter Kemmsies, Ph.D., Managing Director, Economist and Chief Strategist, U.S. Ports, Airports and Global Infrastructure Group, JLL (Q3 2019)
In order to address the challenges of big-ship congestion, U.S. seaports are turning to rail, barges, and off-terminal facilities. More
Site Selection Factors / Strategy >>

Advanced Manufacturing Disrupts the Location Process

Chris Volney, Managing Director, Americas Consulting, CBRE (Q3 2019)
As technological advances fundamentally alter long-standing manufacturing processes and practices, they’re also upending the way advanced manufacturing companies consider locations for their facilities. More
Construction / Project Planning >>

How to Avoid the Fatal Flaws in Site Certification Programs

Taylor Gravois, Principal, CSRS, Inc. (Q3 2019)
A “certification” label on a site is meaningless unless all the necessary data has been gathered and thorough due diligence performed with respect to your particular project. More
Special Report
Top States for Business >>

2019 Top States for Doing Business: Georgia Ranks #1 Sixth Year in a Row

Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q3 2019)
The top-ranked states have landed on the radar of today’s site selection consultants because of their low business costs, generous incentive programs, and competitive labor environments, among other probusiness advantages. More
Top States for Business >>

2019 Top States for Doing Business Commentary: Southern States Continue to Lead the Pack; Midwest Gains Ground

Lindsey Cannon, Director, Quest Site Solutions (Q3 2019)
Although strong economic development teams and business-friendly policies have helped to draw companies to the Southern States, all states must continue to adapt to the changing site selection environment. More
Top States for Business >>

2019 Top States for Doing Business Commentary: Long-Term Perspective Shows Southern States as “Go-To” Places for Business

Les Cranmer, Senior Managing Director, Savills  (Q3 2019)
It can be said that shared reasoning garnered through client collaboration, as well as recent experience gained through working on location projects with the various states, validates the results of the most recent Top States survey. More
Top States for Business >>

2019 Top States for Doing Business Commentary: States with Improved Economic Development Policies Rise to the Top

Amy Gerber, Executive Managing Director, Business Incentives Practice, Cushman & Wakefield (Q3 2019)
Once implemented, changes in economic development policies take many years to achieve the desired results, but the survey rankings show that such changes are having the desired effect. More
Location Reports
U.S. Regional Reports >>

Regional Report: Georgia - An International Business Destination

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q3 2019)
Foreign direct investment and global trade have had a huge impact on economic development in the state of Georgia. More
U.S. Regional Reports >>

Regional Report: Energy and Infrastructure Lead the Way in Louisiana

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q3 2019)
Through its infrastructure upgrades and workforce development initiatives, Louisiana is drawing investment from both traditional and advanced technology companies. More
U.S. Regional Reports >>

Regional Report: Arkansas Making Strides in Manufacturing and Technology

Tom Gresham (Q3 2019)
Although its GDP growth has been sluggish, Arkansas boasts a low cost of doing business and of living. More
U.S. Regional Reports >>

Regional Report: Building Economic Momentum in Oklahoma

Tom Gresham (Q3 2019)
Oklahoma seeks to capitalize on recent growth by continuing to diversify its economy, upgrading its educational system, and strengthening its brand. More
Workplace Trends >>

Editor's Note: Finding the Labor Force Where It Wants to Be

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q3 2019)
As companies are increasingly employing AI and other advanced technologies, they are locating where the tech-savvy workforce wants to live instead of asking the talent to come to them. More
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

In Focus: Last-Mile Distribution Drives Industrial Demand in Secondary Markets

Ben Newell, Senior Vice President, Logistics Group, Transwestern Development Company (Q3 2019)
Retailers are rethinking their supply chain management and locating closer to the end customer to meet their lightning-fast delivery expectations. More
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

First Person: Globalization, E-Commerce, Last-Mile Delivery, and Other Supply-Chain Challenges

Steve Hess, Vice President, Development Americas, DHL Supply Chain (Q3 2019)
Area Development recently asked Steve Hess, VP of Real Estate Development at DHL Supply Chain, about issues affecting companies’ global supply chains. DHL is the largest global operator of logistics space, having acquired and/or developed over 20 million square feet of industrial space in the last several years alone, providing both internal and external customers with individually tailored real estate solutions, says Hess. More
Front Line
Skilled Labor / STEM >>

Front Line: Manufacturers Look to Nontraditional Locations

Karen Thuermer, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q3 2019)
As the labor supply tightens, nontraditional manufacturing hubs are upping their game by investing in workforce training programs. More
Online Exclusives
Government Policy / Business Climate >>

All Politics Is Local, Especially for a New Site

Phillip M. Perry, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q3 2019)
Companies looking to open a facility in an unfamiliar location must assess its local political climate to determine if it’s one in which it can succeed now and in the future. More
Government Policy / Business Climate >>

How CFOs Should Address Trade Questions — ASAP

Matt Clark, President & COO, Corcentric (Q3 2019)
Recent trade tensions and announced tariffs are proving disruptive to businesses, creating an uphill battle for CFOs, but they can mitigate supplier uncertainties by leveraging data. More

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