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Dec/Jan 09
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23rd Annual Corporate Survey & 5th Annual Consultants Survey Complete Results

Area Development Special Presentation (Dec/Jan 09)
This year's survey results appear to show early reactions to one major trend - the slowing economy. Surprisingly, the results also suggest respondents are not yet consistently focused during location searches on another major trend - climbing transportation costs. More
Energy/Sustainable Development >>

The Business Advantages of Sustainable Developments

Craig Melby, Founder, The Melby Group (Dec/Jan 09)
Lower operating costs, increased employee productivity, and an improved company image are just some of the benefits enjoyed by firms that "green" their facilities. More
Corporate Survey Results: Site Selection Factors >>

Occupancy and Construction Costs Taking On Increased Significance for Site Selectors

Jennifer LeClaire  (Dec/Jan 09)
As the economy continues its downward spiral, site selectors are paying closer attention to occupancy and construction costs, and the results of Area Development's 2008 Corporate and Consultants Surveys reflect their concerns. More
Site Selection >>

Quality of Life Factors into Business Location Decision

Marty Weil (Dec/Jan 09)
Communities that can satisfy a company's quality-of-life concerns - with regard to housing, healthcare, education, recreation, etc. - can make moving a business a pleasure. More
Economics/ Government Policy >>

Business Strategies for Uncertain Economic Times

Bill Luttrell, Director of Corporate Real Estate, Werner Enterprises, Inc. (Dec/Jan 09)
Although these uncertain economic times make expansion and growth difficult, there are some strategies available to help companies weather the storm - and even gain a competitive edge. More
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

The Case for Infrastructure Investment

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Dec/Jan 09)
Officials in many U.S. locations are beginning to see the financial rewards of long-term investment in infrastructure - including attracting new business and potentially improving the national economy. More
Site Selection >>

Planning Ahead for Work Force Growth: Finding and Keeping the Workers You Need

Debra Williams (Dec/Jan 09)
Proactive site selectors need to analyze a location's labor force with growth and expansion plans top of mind. How can you be sure to find the workers you need, both today and tomorrow? More
International Location Reports >>

Malaysia - Moving Forward Up the Global Value Chain

 (Dec/Jan 09)
Sound economic policies and a focus on high-value activities puts Malaysia in an advantageous position for future growth. More
International Location Reports >>

Malaysia's Banking Sector - Staying Strong Despite the Global Financial Crisis

Jennifer LeClaire  (Dec/Jan 09)
By focusing on low risk profiles and strong capitalization, Malaysia has positioned its banking sector to maintain healthy liquidity in an uncertain international marketplace. More
Viewpoint >>

In Focus: TARP Financial Bailout Includes Critical First Step Toward Energy Independence

Michael Jordan, National Practice Lead, Senior Vice President, Energy and Sustainability Services Consulting, Jones Lang LaSalle (Dec/Jan 09)
The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 includes significant federal policy enacted for the benefit of the renewable energy industry - most specifically solar. More
Economics/ Government Policy >>

Editor's Note: Look for Some Positive Changes

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Dec/Jan 09)
Look for some positive changes from the new Obama administration to ease the nation's financial woes. More
Viewpoint >>

First Person: Bernice M. Boucher, Director, DEGW North America

Bernice M. Boucher, Director, DEGW North America (Dec/Jan 09)
Bernice Boucher, a director with DEGW North America, explains how facility design can affect a company's profitability. More

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