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Q4 2016
Area Development Sep/Oct 23 Cover
Construction / Project Planning >>

Due Diligence Concerns When Choosing Between an Existing Structure or Greenfield Construction

Brian Gallagher, Vice President, Corporate Development, Graycor (Q4 2016)
Acquiring an existing structure to house manufacturing operations can seem like a real time- and money-saver to companies. But is it really? More
Government Policy / Business Climate >>

Enterprise Zones: Opportunity Requiring Due Diligence

David Hickey, Managing Director, Hickey & Associates (Q4 2016)
The benefits of investing in an enterprise zone may be substantial, but zone rules, commitments, and potential economic challenges must be clearly understood. More
Asset / Facility Management >>

For Optimized Building Design, Consider the Key Priorities

Al Fullerton, Trane (Q4 2016)
When evaluating efficiency, it’s important to look beyond a single piece of equipment, as the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. More
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

Creatively Optimizing the Supply Chain to “Own” the Last Mile

Rich Thompson, International Director, Supply Chain & Logistics Solutions, JLL (Q4 2016)
In an increasingly competitive marketplace, companies need to be innovative and nimble in facing the last-mile, same-day delivery challenge head on. More
Advanced Manufacturing >>

North America’s Robotics Renaissance Fueled by Skilled Labor

Stephen Thompson, Senior Economic Officer – San Francisco , Ontario's Ministry of International Trade (Q4 2016)
A new generation of collaborative robots is increasing industrial efficiency and productivity while the increasing affordability of advanced robotics technology has the potential to quickly make smaller businesses more competitive. A key to unlocking that potential will be meeting the industry’s need for skilled labor to drive robotics-related research and commercialization. More
Asset / Facility Management >>

A Business-Driven Approach to Utility Infrastructure

Jim Lewis, Electrical Controls Department Manager and Principal , SSOE (Q4 2016)
Whether a utility project is driven by production capacity, energy efficiency, regulatory requirements, or environmental sustainability, its ultimate objective is to add value to the business. More
Advanced Manufacturing >>

Advanced Technologies / Robotics Shaping the Future of Manufacturing

Stephen Gray, President & CEO, Gray, Inc. (Q4 2016)
Today’s manufacturers are staying ahead of the innovation curve by making their facilities even smarter than their products. More
Business Globalization >>

First Person: TPP Will Update the Rulebook for Trade

John G. Murphy, Senior Vice President for International Policy, U.S. Chamber (Q4 2016)
John Murphy, Sr. VP for International Policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, recently explained to Area Development’s editor why trade agreements are important for the U.S. economy and discussed the negative consequences of a retreat on trade. More
Advanced Manufacturing >>

Editor’s Note: Cobots Driving Innovation and Growth

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q4 2016)
Advanced technologies and robotics are shaping the future of manufacturing making factories more efficient and productive than ever. However, because of the complexity of many of today’s processes, human workers are complemented — not replaced — by their robotic counterparts. More
Asset / Facility Management >>

Three Steps for Disaster Planning Toward a Smooth Recovery

Jay Shelton, Senior Vice President, Risk Management Services, Assurance (Q4 2016)
Whether you manage or own one building or 500, a proactive recovery plan can significantly limit business disruption and restore critical services as soon after a disaster as possible. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but there are some best practices that can guide you in your planning... More
Front Line
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

Trucking Industry Challenges Impact Costs, Productivity

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q4 2016)
Trucking companies are facing numerous regulations, an aging workforce and tightening conditions for hauling capacity, all of which will have a significant impact on corporate supply chains. More
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Construction / Project Planning >>

Environmental Considerations for Planning A New Operation

Cindy Madrick, Vice President, Business Development, Cornerstone Environmental, Health and Safety, Inc. (Q4 2016)
Once a business has narrowed down its location choices, it must implement an environmental and safety strategy to address all stages of planning and compliance. More
Manufacturing / Industrial >>

A “Clean” Phase I Environmental Assessment of Industrial Sites Is Just the Start

Chris Biddle, Beazley Group (Q4 2016)
Environmental Site Assessments typically used to certify that a site is free of contamination from previous uses may leave companies vulnerable to unexpected additional costs for environmental remediation. Additional investigation and protection is merited at industrial sites. More
DCs / Warehousing >>

Where Automation in Warehousing Could Be Most Felt

Joshua Wright, VP, Economic and Workforce Development, Emsi (Q4 2016)
It doesn’t get as much media attention as self-driving cars and trucks, but automation has already arrived in the warehousing industry. And it soon could be much more commonplace. More
California >>

A Transformative Project of Scale in California

Adam Wasserman, Managing Partner, GLDPartners (Q4 2016)
Despite its many challenges, California — which ranks as the world’s sixth-largest economy — and its often overlooked Central Valley offer many opportunities for manufacturing and distribution investment. More
Advanced Manufacturing >>

First Person: 3D Printing’s “Disruptive” Effect on Manufacturing

John Hornick, Chief Strategy & Communications Officer, nScrypt (Q4 2016)
Hornick advises and educates clients about 3D printing and the IP issues of this rapidly developing and potentially disruptive technology. More

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