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Summer 2012
Leading Metro Locations >>

Leading Locations for 2012: Ranking MSAs for Economic & Job Growth

Area Development Special Presentation (Summer 2012)
Area Development ranked 365 MSAs across 23 economic and workforce growth indicators. In the results we see that even amid the recessionary gloom, there were blooms of prosperity, and there are some places that have gotten back on their feet faster than others. More
Annual Reports >>

2012 Gold & Silver Shovel Awards: Recognizing Excellence in U.S. State Economic Development and Job Creation

Area Development Special Presentation (Summer 2012)
Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Utah are being awarded Gold Shovels. These states' innovative economic development policies attracted new employers in 2011, as well as catalyzing investments in facility and operating expansions by existing local businesses, driving significant in-state job growth. More
Economics/ Government Policy >>

Advanced Manufacturing Will Drive U.S. Economic Engine

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Summer 2012)
Although advanced manufacturing is ready to surge ahead, it needs 600,000 qualified workers to do so. More
Workforce Training / Education >>

Workforce Mobility Technologies and Business Location Strategy

John Hampton, Senior Vice President, Solutions Development, Jones Lang LaSalle (Summer 2012)
The drive toward increased employee productivity enabled by work force mobility technologies is changing how location decisions are made. More
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

Infrastructure Lessons for Economic Growth and Business Success

Leslie Wagner, Senior Principal, Ginovus (Summer 2012)
The quality of a state's/community's infrastructure has a profound effect on its ability to attract development and the success of companies that choose to locate there. More
Business Globalization >>

U.S. Business Expansion Overseas: Opportunity and Surprise

 (Summer 2012)
U.S. companies accustomed to markets and business principals at home should be aware of significant differences that exist overseas with regard to labor laws, facility acquisition or lease, and more. More
Site Selection >>

Workplace Design Trends Support Collaboration

Steven Schrader, Senior Project Manager, American Insitute of Architects (AIA) — JCJ Architecture (Summer 2012)
Open workspaces, strategically placed support spaces, and employee "amenities" factor prominently into the design of a flexible, collaborative work environment. More
Kentucky >>

First Person: Lexington and Louisville Mayors Form a Strategic Economic Development Partnership

Greg Fischer, Mayor, Louisville, KY (Summer 2012)
By leveraging combined assets, the two cities aim to create a stronger workforce and further the region's position as an advanced manufacturing hub. More
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In Focus: Re-Stack Brings Efficiency, Collaboration to the Workplace

Lawrence F. Lander, Workplace Strategist, Planning Design Research Corporation (Summer 2012)
A re-thinking of the workplace to create a more efficient, collaborative setting that integrates functions so that workers come together in a way that mirrors the flow of the organization and reflects an organization's objectives. More
Alabama >>

Birmingham's Economy Strengthens, Largely Unaffected by County Bankruptcy

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Summer 2012)
Emerging from a recession is always tough for a city - it's even harder when the home county is in bankruptcy proceedings. More
Energy/Sustainable Development >>

Get the Green Light to Go Greener: Next Steps to Reducing Your Facility's Carbon Footprint

Bob Sawhill, CFM, eBusiness Strategies (Summer 2012)
Sophisticated tools and methodologies are needed to find the best solutions for sustainability and get the go-ahead to proceed with green facility projects. More
Site Selection >>

Three Mistakes CEOs Must Avoid When Relocating a Business

James T. Berger (Summer 2012)
The smooth transition from one location to another demands careful planning, management, and execution. More
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

Intermodal Services Efficiencies Bolsters Freight Rail

Mali R. Schantz-Feld (Summer 2012)
More and more, shippers look to intermodal freight rail as a cost-efficient and flexible option within the supply chain solution More
Economics/ Government Policy >>

New U.S. Patent Office Branches Will Promote Innovation

John K. Borchardt (Summer 2012)
The overhaul of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) - mandated by last September's passage of the America Invents Act - is aimed at promoting innovation. More
High Tech/Nano/Electronics >>

Market Report:The Appliance Sector Is Coming Back

Clare Goldsberry , Staff Editor, Area Development (Summer 2012)
When the housing market hit the skids, the appliance sector also slumped badly. As building permits fell for new homes - a huge market for the appliance industry - bulk demand for new appliances fell also. But the good news is that the appliance sector is coming back, both literally and figuratively. More

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