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NXEGEN Becomes Artis Energy, Opens Offices In New York City And Stamford, Connecticut

NXEGEN, LLC, a leading provider of commercial and industrial energy management solutions, changed its name to Artis Energy and is opening offices in New York City and Stamford. The Company’s headquarters will remain in Middletown, Connecticut.

According to company officials, “under the Artis Energy brand, two new subsidiaries have been created, Artis Energy Intelligence and Artis Energy Solutions, to better align the company with the customers and rapidly evolving markets that it serves.”

Through Artis Energy Intelligence, the company is significantly enhancing its technological and energy analytics capabilities. The cornerstone of Artis Energy Intelligence is the next generation of the company’s proprietary, energy analytics platform, RTIS, company officials said. This platform, which has received two foundational patents, provides the company’s customers with real-time visibility and insights to help secure meaningful energy savings, identify operational improvements and analyze investment opportunities.

“The world of analytics and business intelligence is an exciting space today. While most companies are focusing on analyzing customer and financial data, energy analytics is beginning to gain significant attention and traction. However, while Fortune 500 companies are starting to reap the benefits of investing in energy analytics software, many small and mid-market companies lack the resources and expertise to derive the meaningful operational improvement and cost savings opportunities that are ‘locked up in their buildings’. We believe that the arrival of robust and scalable, yet affordable, energy analytics platforms, such as RTIS, will expand and broaden these insights, and substantially enhance the energy decision-making capabilities of all commercial and industrial companies,” said Artis Energy CEO Gordon Travers.

Artis Energy Solutions will continue to advance our leadership position in the energy solutions and services space. Over the past few years, we have expanded our breadth of energy solutions dramatically.

Artis Energy has also created a new tagline, “Listen to Your Building.” The “Listen to Your Building tagline underscores our analytics-first approach to creating and implementing customer energy management strategies. Rather than applying a one-size fits all approach, we leverage our domain expertise and RTIS energy analytics platform to “listen to” and translate each building’s needs into personalized action plans and solutions,” said Artis Energy Solutions President, John Muro.

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