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Flexjet LLC Opens “Private Terminal” At Naples, Florida, Municipal Airport

Flexjet LLC, offering travelers access to the world’s most luxurious fleet of private jets, opened of its first Flexjet-exclusive private terminal at Naples Municipal Airport in Naples, Florida.

The facility will be used by Flexjet owners flying in and out of the Southwestern Florida region. According to company officials, historically, this is one of Flexjet’s busiest travel periods in and out of the Naples area, among Florida’s fastest-growing regions and most popular destinations.

The opening of Flexjet’s Naples private terminal is the first of several planned Flexjet-exclusive private terminals at airports where it experiences the greatest demand, officials said. Following Naples, the next Flexjet-exclusive private terminal will open later this year at Westchester County Airport, serving the substantial concentration of Flexjet Owners who live north of New York City in the suburban counties of Westchester, New York and Fairfield, Connecticut.

“Flexjet-exclusive private terminals are just the latest step we are taking to ensure that Flexjet holds its position as the finest and most owner-centric provider of private jet travel in the world,” said Michael Silvestro, Flexjet’s CEO. “These innovative facilities, coupled with our revolutionary Red Label offering and recent orders and deliveries from Gulfstream, Bombardier and Embraer to ensure we have the most modern and mission-versatile fleet in the fractional industry, have us positioned for another very exciting year of growth and increased market share.”

“Since the soft opening of Flexjet’s Naples private terminal last fall, hundreds of Flexjet flights have brought our owners through the facility,” said Flexjet Vice President of Owner Services Megan Wolf. “Our owners’ positive feedback makes it clear that our first private terminal, complemented by our innovative Red Label offering, has taken the fractional private jet flying experience from extraordinary to incomparable.”

“We recognize how important the Owner-pilot relationship is, and so in designing our new private terminal we wanted to create an environment in which owners could comfortably interact with their pilots before their flight. This offers a level of confidence, safety and consistency available through no other fractional operator,” Wolf said.

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