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Aircraft System Components Manufacturer S.S. White Technologies Making Face Masks at Seminole, Florida Complex

S.S. White Technologies, a manufacturing company that makes components for aircraft systems has shown its creative spirits by setting up a quick production line to make face masks and distribute them free of cost at its production center in Seminole, Florida.

The management said it stayed a step ahead of the worsening crisis of COVID-19. When the total cases reached only 4,000, company President Rahul Shukla told all employees that things will get much worse soon. Three weeks ago, the management rearranged the work spaces to create a minimum of six feet of distance between workstations. A company spokesperson noted they allowed non-manufacturing workers to work from home, broke a single shift into three shifts and announced an appreciation bonus of $30 per day for all production workers.

In an attempt to go the extra mile, the company quickly changed all faucets and fixtures in all the restrooms so that employees do not need to touch handles, faucets or towel dispensers. The company installed foot pedals on the doors so employees do not have to touch the door handles. They revised their badge reader system, which allows employees to clock in and out, to be hands-free through their proprietary software. They installed additional hand sanitizers and purchased a large supply of disposable gloves.

"We know how to design and manufacture complex aerospace and medical parts. Making masks is child's play for our team", said Vice President Subra Naglapura. Sheryl Sheppard, the project leader said, “everyone on the mask team, (she calls them Mask-ateers) is excited to be contributing to this huge crisis in our small way."

When Mayor of Seminole, Leslie Waters learned about S.S. White’s efforts, she said, “S.S. White is to be lauded for their efforts. My personal compliment to Mr. Shukla, S.S. White President, a true leader in our community.”

Scott Talcott of Pinellas County Economic Development asked Ms. Sheppard if S.S. White can make a few more masks for workers of another local manufacturer, National Molding. National Molding makes seals for a possible vaccine for COVID-19. They also fill, and seal flu reagent vials. When Sheppard told Talcott and Doug Storey of National that S.S. White was more than happy to help, they were thrilled. “Thank you, S.S. White,’ said Scott Talcott, “Pinellas County is fortunate to have generous and nimble manufacturers like you.”

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