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Veloxint Relocates-Plans Triadelphia, West Virginia, Campus

Veloxint, a manufacturer of nanocrystalline metal alloys, will relocate its operations complex to Touchstone Research Laboratory Ltd. in Triadelphia, West Virginia. The project is expected to create 200-300 jobs over the next four years.

The company will locate to the Millennium Centre, a world-class technology campus built in partnership between the West Virginia Department of Economic Development (WVDED), Regional Economic Development Partnership, and Touchstone Research Laboratory. It encompasses 22 acres along Interstate 70, near Wheeling, according to state officials.

“Touchstone has had a great deal of success developing and commercializing businesses in West Virginia, and we are excited to have the support of the West Virginia Economic Development Authority and Department of Economic Development,” said Brian Joseph, CEO of Veloxint and Touchstone. “We’ve found the people of West Virginia can do anything, and I am very confident Veloxint will be hugely successful here.”

WVDED has also provided training funds to educate Touchstone personnel to install, operate, and repair the highly sophisticated and one-of-a-kind technical equipment being brought to the Millennium Centre. The move will allow Veloxint to commercialize its high-tech metal alloys for use in the chemical, solar, and aero industries.

“For a long time, the outside world never would’ve thought that what we have going on today in our state would be possible, but we’re changing that perception now,” Governor Jim Justice said. “This company is a great example. They’re on the cusp of advancing our civilization; moving us forward by making a product that is stronger than the strongest stuff out there today. We have people in our state who are some of the brightest minds in the world. The stuff they’re doing is so cutting-edge it’s unbelievable, and it’s all happening in West Virginia.”

Veloxint utilizes a technology, under the license of MIT, based on scientific breakthroughs in the theory and production of next-generation nanocrystalline metal alloys. These new alloys can be two to five times stronger than traditional alloys made from the same input metals and are designed to be thermodynamically stable at high temperatures and in corrosive environments.

“We are lucky that Touchstone has said ‘Yes, West Virginia’ for themselves and their many subsidiaries,” said WVDED Secretary Mitch Carmichael. “West Virginia is home to many high-tech companies that are shaping the future, and we are excited to see how Veloxint contributes to our state’s growing economy for many years to come.”

The company will continue researching the technology and will start manufacturing tungsten, chrome, copper, and iron alloys for the production of jet engines, cutting tools, machine metals, next-generation rocket engines, and many other high-tech applications.”

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