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AAM Poll: Creating More Manufacturing Jobs is Best Solution to Fixing America's Economy

American voters know what will inject strength back into the anemic American economy and restore it to a Numero Uno ranking: more jobs; specifically, more manufacturing jobs. That's what a July 2011 poll of 1,201 likely American voters revealed, conducted on behalf of the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) by The Mellman Group and Ayres, McHenry & Associates.

Both Republican and Democratic voters put job creation and rebuilding the nation's manufacturing base at the top of their priority list. The option "creating new manufacturing jobs" ranked just under "creating jobs" in general (up 9% from 2010).

"This poll is a stark reminder that while official Washington goes back and forth in our newest crisis, Americans still feel no one is focusing on the real problems that matter to them: losing jobs, losing our manufacturing base, and the decline of our position in the world," said AAM Executive Director Scott Paul.

The poll found Americans united on a number of few key issues:
  • Across the spectrum, voters want Washington to act on jobs, especially in manufacturing.

  • Voters see manufacturing as central to the nation's economic success.

  • Voters think the President and Congress did a worst job this year than last year in taking any action at all on jobs and manufacturing.

  • Less than a third of Americans think the U.S. is the world's strongest economy, but an "overwhelming" majority think it's possible-and important-for the country to regain that position.

  • Republican voters are in favor of pro-manufacturing solutions to the economic crisis just as much as Democratic voters.

Other interesting poll findings:
  • 90% have a favorable view of American manufacturing companies ; up 22% from 2010.

  • 97% have a favorable view of U. S.-made goods; up 5% from 2010.

  • 83% have an unfavorable view of companies that go to China to manufacture.

  • 90% support Buy American policies "to ensure that taxpayer funded government projects. use only U. S.-made goods and supplies wherever possible."

  • 95% favor keeping "America's trade laws strong and strictly enforced to provide a level playing field for our workers and businesses."

  • 59% say we need to "get tough with China and use every possible means" to stop their unfair trade practices.


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