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Biotech Location Guide 2008 Editors Note: Biotech Companies Mature and Expand Their Global Reach

Biotech Location Guide 2008
It has been said that biotech/life sciences companies, governmental entities, and the international community at large are all working together to feed, fuel, and heal the world - and the need has never been so great for all three.

There are concerns about the quantity and quality of food that will be available to feed the world's population, which is projected to grow to nine billion by 2050. New biotech crops can increase yields and make farmland more productive in order to satisfy this need. Similarly, advanced biofuels can help meet the challenges of global climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while satisfying the world's ever-increasing thirst for fuel through the further development and use of renewable resources. And, needless to say, advances in biotechnology that help to detect, prevent, and treat diseases are taking place at lightning speed.

The biotech industry is now more than 30 years old. As biotech companies mature and expand their global reach, they must deal with cost and operational considerations unique to their individual business strategies. In this our fifth annual Biotech Location Guide, Matthew Szuhaj of Deloitte Consulting's Global Expansion Optimization practice explains how biotech companies can manage growth and mitigate risk. As these firms set up new facilities to accommodate growth, their construction services partner must understand their present - and future - business model. Also in this magazine, Jerry Guillorn and Stephen Nesson of Structure Tone explain why biotech facilities built today must be scalable for tomorrow and how this can be accomplished.

Following these two articles are profiles of the locations that are attempting to attract these biotech facilities. If your biotech firm is in a growth mode - or you provide consulting, technical, financial, or other services to such a firm - and you would like more information from any of the sponsoring organizations, use the business response card inserted after page 20, or e-mail any of the individuals listed on the sponsor index appearing on page 30. Also visit our website at for related articles on the biotech and life sciences industries, and let us know how we can continue to serve your needs.

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