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The Recovery Act: Transforming the American Economy Through Innovation

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is modernizing transportation, investing in wind and solar energies, and putting funds in broadband connectivity.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is one of the single largest investments in the U.S. economy in the country's history. The act's $787 billion of funding aims to improve a number of sectors, including transportation, clean energy, and information and communications technology.

The act's three-fold approach - to rescue the economy, to put the country on a path to recovery, and to reinvest in the country's long-term economic future - is already stimulating the economy. This August report from the Offices of the President and Vice President provides an update on the progress of recovery.

The act's transportation investments focus on renewables. The government has invested more than $2 billion in advanced battery and electric drive component manufacturing. In 2009, there were only two advanced vehicle battery plants in the country. By 2012, there will be 30. The Advanced Vehicles Manufacturing program gives another $2.4 billion to Fisker, Nissan, and Tesla to build electric car factories in Delaware, Tennessee, and California, respectively.

Section 1603 grants are boosting wind and solar energy capacity. More than $3 billion in grants have been extended to more than 100 wind projects in 30 states. The program also supports more than 200 megawatts of solar projects that are already delivering power to consumers.

To improve information technologies, the government granted $4.4 billion to the Department of Commerce and $2.5 billion to the Department of Agriculture to improve broadband connectivity in rural areas. Millions of Americans will have improved access to broadband due to those funds.

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