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Inward Investment Guides
Automotive >>

Transportation Equipment: A Key Economic Driver

Growth in the automotive, aerospace, and other transportation related manufacturing industries is rolling along at a steady pace. More
Location USA >>

Renewed Confidence & Commitment in the World’s Largest Market

A favorable legal and regulatory environment, improved access to global markets, and talent-driven innovation are among the reasons the U.S. continues to attract the lion’s share of foreign direct investment. More
Logistics/Infrastructure >>

Top Performing Airports in 2014 for Air Cargo and Industrial RE

Airports are increasingly focused on leveraging nearby commercial real estate assets and logistics corridors to position themselves as an essential link in the supply chain. In fact, some airports are now seeing more than 60 percent of their revenue derived from non-airline sources. More
Location USA >>

U.S. Investment Decisions by Foreign Companies Still Driven by Access and Scale

The United States offers foreign investors unparalleled opportunities and choice locations within a single sophisticated and massive market. More
Asset Management >>

Tenants Must Plan for the Unimaginable

Business shifts are often unimaginable to the tenant at the beginning of a lease term, but planning for them is as important as negotiating any other element in the agreement. More
Kentucky >>

Location Notebook: Kentucky Keeps Its Economy On Track

As states throughout the nation struggled during the recession, Kentucky quickly acted to help its economy not only recover but also grow. More
Site Selection/Facility Planning >>

Looking Beyond the Numbers When Assessing a Community

Those charged with the location decision should look for tangible evidence that the communities they are considering are taking an integrated approach to community development. More
Labor/Education/HR >>

Stepping Up Your Game Through Productivity Improvement

Only those suppliers selling parts and components to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who improve their overall productivity faster than their competitors will continue to prosper as the economy revives and the OEMs keep driving relentlessly to cut their costs. More
View Point

Corporate Executive Survey Commentary: Skilled Labor Tops the List

Gary Yates, Director of Site Selection, Jones Lang LaSalle 
Regions that are aggressively investing in work force development are winning the competition for advanced manufacturing firms. More
View Point

Corporate Executive Survey Commentary: Easy Customer Access Still Important

Dean J. Uminski, CEcD, Principal, Crowe Horwath 
Besides a highly skilled work force, companies want a transportation nexus the will allow them easy shipping access to their customers within one day’s drive. More
10 Critical Factors Driving the Location Decision

Critical Location Decision Factor #1: Keeping the Cost of Labor in Check

Although labor costs seem to trump all other factors, they must be analyzed as part of overall operating expenses. This is the last in a series of articles examining the top-10 site selection factors as decided by the respondents to AD's Q1 Corporate Executive Survey. More

Critical Location Decision Factor #2: The Road to Profitability

A well-connected location is essential for accessing suppliers and customers, as well as connecting to intermodal hubs leading to the global marketplace. This is the Ninth in a series of articles examining the top-10 site selection factors as decided by the respondents to AD's Q1 Corporate Executive Survey. More
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