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Advanced Manufacturing

Frontline: Fourth Industrial Revolution Takes Off, “Localizing” Site Selection Requirements

The adoption of new technology — in what’s been called “the fourth industrial revolution” — will benefit the entire manufacturing ecosystem.

Taxes / Incentives

A Winning Strategy to Realize Maximum Incentive Benefits

Over half of negotiated economic incentives are never realized. How does this happen? What can you do to ensure success?

Corporate Exec Survey Results

Editor’s Note: Manufacturing Execs Offer Insights on the Effect of Trump Administration’s Policies on Growth

75% of C-level manufacturing executives surveyed believe that economic conditions under the new Trump administration will be favorable to moving ahead with new facility or facility expansion plans.

Workplace Trends

The Mountain in Your Location Decision: Discovering the Impact of Work-Life Balance Options on the Workforce

Choosing a location where your employees can have a healthy work-life balance can lower employee turnover and also increase their productivity.

Site Selection Factors / Strategy

Workforce Workshop: Evaluating a Community’s Labor Pool

The company must identify its needs, canvass local markets, and assess prospective locations’ educational resources before it can make a site decision.

Government Policy / Business Climate

Utility Companies: Powerful Economic Development Partners

Utility economic development organizations can bring a lot to the table during the corporate location process, especially in terms of technical expertise along with strategic and project-level funding.

Taxes / Incentives

The Importance of an Incentives Review Process

Today’s reality requires companies to develop an incentives review process and give it due resources in order to obtain and stay in compliance with valuable negotiated incentives.

Government Policy / Business Climate

Frontline: Defend Trade Secrets Act Gives Added Protection for Tech Companies

The Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA), signed into law in May, 2016 by President Obama, has received wide industry praise from manufacturers as well as industry trade organizations.

Government Policy / Business Climate

Frontline: One-Year Update on the Revised Ozone Standard

September 30th marked an important clean air deadline. That’s when governors had to send EPA a list of in-state regions judged to comply, or not, with the revised ozone (O3) standard, changed one year earlier, October 1, 2015.

DCs / Warehousing

Efficient Pallet Storage in Industrial Warehouse and Distribution Space

In order to optimize productivity and profitability of your warehouse, consider product size, the available area, and the method of product retrieval.

Economy / Market Analysis

Editor’s Note: About Those Manufacturing Jobs…

Overall U.S. labor force participation rate (LPR) has trended downward since 2010 - which could be tied in part to skill sets not matching up to today’s job opportunities - creating a low unemployment paradox.

Capital Access / Finance

Navigating Uncharted Waters: 5 Trends Affecting Capital Investment Plans

A new administration in Washington, escalating wages, and a dwindling supply of industrial real estate are just some of the trends that may cause companies to take a wait-and-see approach to capital investment.

Business Globalization / Next Shoring

The Future of Site Location Decisions Outside the U.S.

The Trump administration’s desire to impose large tariffs on companies that manufacture overseas and ship products into the U.S. has left more questions than answers — and this protectionist policy is an oversimplification of what’s really at stake.


Frontline: 21st Century Cures Act May Spur Pharma/ Medical Device Expansions in U.S.

Funding provided by the 21st Century Cures Act, as well changes in FDA approval procedures, may lead pharma and medical device companies to expand their operations, with an eye on U.S. locations to accommodate the new administration’s interventions.

Skilled Labor / STEM

Higher Ed for Hire: Providing Fuel for High-demand, High-skilled Jobs

Long-term university-industry partnerships, agile community college curriculums and creative government funding are providing the “secret sauce” for workforce development and a supportive pipeline for future regional industrial growth.

Workplace Trends

Location Strategies in the War for Millennial Talent

When it comes to attracting tech-savvy millennials, companies are giving a fresh look to metro areas and downtowns that will give them a competitive edge.


Location Notebook: Foreign Investment Making a Powerful Impact in Tennessee

Companies across the globe are making investments and creating jobs in Tennessee to connect with suppliers and ultimately reach the vast U.S. market.


Location Notebook: Indiana Workforce Initiatives Attract and Retain Industry

Indiana is meeting its workforce challenges, while drawing upon its infrastructure and other strengths to attract business.

Logistics / Infrastructure

In Focus: Has the Moment for Infrastructure Revival Arrived?

The United States has indisputably underfunded infrastructure spending for the past several decades, and the lack of investment has been cited as a key constraint to doing business domestically. If Congress aligns with the White House in support of greater infrastructure funding, many states and cities stand to benefit.

Location Canada

Canada’s Intent to Create the World’s Largest Trading Bloc

Combined with NAFTA, CETA provides companies located in Canada with preferential access to the world’s two largest economies — the U.S. and the EU — that together with Canada represent half of the world’s GDP.

Food Processing

A Taste for Change: What's Driving the Rise of the Specialty Food Market

The demand for specialty foods has seen a sharp increase, forcing food and beverage producers to make dramatic changes to manufacturing processes and product ingredients.

Workplace Trends

In Focus: Regulation Rollback - Will Worker Safety Suffer Under Trump Administration?

Business leaders - not government regulators - are ultimately responsible for worker safety. Here’s how business leaders can drive desired safety outcomes faster than any new regulation.

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