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Logistics / Infrastructure >>

North American Seaport Outlook: Potential Shift in Ports of Call

JLL’s research reveals that, although the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles will remain the primary U.S. gateways, Gulf and Eastern Seaboard ports are anticipated to capture even more West Coast discretionary cargo when the new Panama Canal opens next year. More
Location Canada >>

The Canadian Advantage: Competitive Business Costs and Low Taxes

Competitive costs and low taxes help to fuel the diverse economy on display in Canada’s 10 provinces and three territories. More
DCs / Warehousing >>

E-Commerce Development, Industrial Land Pricing, and the “Amazon Effect”

The emerging information and services market is game-changer for the industrial land market. More
Economy / Market Analysis >>

Getting The Best Data For Optimal Decision-Making

Data is more than raw facts and figures; it is an asset that embodies critical information that goes beyond operational efficiencies, and it can help determine the soundness of the corporate location/expansion decision. More
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

Frontline: West Coast Ports Unite to Solve Challenges

Manufacturers of imported and exported goods between the United States and Asia let out a huge sigh of relief in late May when a five-year contract that governs pay and work rules at 29 West Coast ports was finally ratified. Despite the ratified agreement, manufacturers are certain that strikes and delays will continue at West Coast ports. More
Aerospace >>

Choosing the Optimal Site for an Aviation-Related Project

If current trends continue, a conservative estimate reveals there will be more than 1,000 announcements of aviation-related projects in the United States over the next decade. The best location decisions will be made by project teams that not only look at the current overall costs, but also have a deep understanding of hidden site development costs, in addition to the long-term political/financial stability that a region can provide. More
Location Canada >>

International Companies Increasing Their Investments in Canada’s Agriculture and Agri-Food Sector

International agri-businesses looking for a talented labor pool, market reach, incentives for R&D, and other tax credits are locating and expanding in Canada. More
Aerospace >>

Industry/Education Partnerships Hold Promise for Advanced Technology Industries

As older skilled workers retire and younger workers take their place in industries with constantly evolving technology, the boundaries between industry and academia have begun to blur. More
Automotive >>

The Case for Supplier Parks in the Automotive Supply Chain

With the auto industry in a cycle of growth, OEMs need to meet new industry standards while keeping costs in check; locating at a supplier park may help to achieve these goals. More
Automotive >>

Implications of Additive Manufacturing for the Auto Industry

Additive manufacturing is evolving from prototyping to diagnostic tools to the production of vehicle bodies, although it’s still not feasible for use on a large scale. More
Taxes / Incentives >>

Compliance: Where Incentives Are Won or Lost

Proper incentives compliance reporting will help a company to ensure that it receives the full value of the incentives it was offered in the application and negotiations process. More
Location Notebook >>

Location Notebook: TVA Hitching Its Wagon to the Auto Industry

TVA is driving to make automotive manufacturing the cornerstone of the region. More
Labor Costs / Organized Labor >>

How To Improve Profits While Paying the New Higher Minimum Wages

In order to keep labor costs in check while adjusting to higher wage rates, employers should concentrate on motivating employees to improve productivity. More
Aerospace >>

First Person: A Precision Aerospace Manufacturer Relocates Production from Mexico Back to New England

A staff editor for Area Development recently interviewed Scott Livingston, the president and CEO of the Horst Engineering Family of Companies, a privately held contract manufacturer of precision-machined components and assemblies for aerospace and other high-technology industries which recently returned production to the U.S. from Mexico. More
International Location Reports >>

Capital Investment, Technology Upgrades to Bolster Mexico’s Diverse Manufacturing Sectors

Whether they are manufacturing vehicles, airplanes, electrical cable, or something else, companies are finding the resources they need to compete in Mexico. More
Workplace Trends >>

First Person: Manufacturers Turn to Contingent Workforces to Increase Production and Invest in Future Hires

A staff editor for Area Development recently interviewed Becca Dernberger, vice president and general manager of Manpower’s Northeast Division, about the use of the contingent workforce in today’s more technology-driven manufacturing sector. More
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