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Sustainable Development >>

In Focus: Leveraging Applications Experts and Tools for Effective HVAC Systems

Given the complexity of HVAC systems, their impact on performance, and the investment required, leveraging the expertise of HVAC manufacturer applications can be a critical enhancement. More
Food Processing >>

Integrated Planning for Food Processing Facility Expansion

Developing a successful facility expansion strategy requires focused insights from all teams led by a full-time project manager and often aided by outside expertise. More
Taxes / Incentives >>

Companies Diversify Shallow Economies While Building New Markets

The New Markets Tax Credit program has helped companies to establish and expand their businesses, while bolstering the distressed economies of their chosen locations. More
Taxes / Incentives >>

Compliance: Where Incentives Are Won or Lost

Proper incentives compliance reporting will help a company to ensure that it receives the full value of the incentives it was offered in the application and negotiations process. More
Automotive >>

Implications of Additive Manufacturing for the Auto Industry

Additive manufacturing is evolving from prototyping to diagnostic tools to the production of vehicle bodies, although it’s still not feasible for use on a large scale. More
Location Canada >>

Tax Cuts and New Investment Programs Advance FDI in Canada

Federal and provincial tax cuts and new investment programs have proven a strong draw for foreign investors in machinery, equipment, and facilities in Canada. More
Automotive >>

U.S. Auto Manufacturing Through the Eyes of a Design-Build Contractor

Though uncertainties always exist, Gray Construction is optimistic about the future of the automotive industry and looks forward to opportunities the changing industry will provide. More
High Tech/Nano/Electronics >>

Emerging Clusters Take Up the Technology Challenge

Rivaling the reigning tech hubs, city and state leaders are seizing opportunities to grow their cutting-edge electronic and digital sectors. More
Workplace Trends >>

The Next Generation of Live, Work, Play

Thinking “outside the box,” how can rural America outcompete big cities for top talent? Be cool and be unique. More
Biotech / Life Sciences >>

Life Sciences Hub Cities Come With Big Price Tags — and Big Returns

The pressure to innovate means the right locations are worth their rising rents and labor costs. More
Workplace Trends >>

In Focus: Co-Working Spaces Shaping a New Generation of Emerging Urban Landscapes

A new, alternative workspace is emerging where freelancers, entrepreneurs, contract workers, and small businesses collaborate and create a business community — a space where professionals reserve a desk, room, or “hot seat” at a table without the fixed financial strings attached. More
Aerospace >>

Industry/Education Partnerships Hold Promise for Advanced Technology Industries

As older skilled workers retire and younger workers take their place in industries with constantly evolving technology, the boundaries between industry and academia have begun to blur. More
DCs / Warehousing >>

E-Commerce Development, Industrial Land Pricing, and the “Amazon Effect”

The emerging information and services market is game-changer for the industrial land market. More
Automotive >>

The Case for Supplier Parks in the Automotive Supply Chain

With the auto industry in a cycle of growth, OEMs need to meet new industry standards while keeping costs in check; locating at a supplier park may help to achieve these goals. More
Aerospace >>

Aerospace Skills Gap: Workforce Declines, As Talent Needs Increase

Although the number of U.S. aerospace workers is shrinking, the skills need has increased, and a gap exists as older, experienced workers leave the labor force. More
Location Canada >>

How to Navigate the Law When Doing Business in Canada

Individuals and business wishing to establish a business in Canada need to familiarize themselves with the laws concerning forms of organization, FDI, competition, taxation, labor, privacy, the environment, and more. More
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