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Site Selection Evolves

Corporate respondents prioritize workforce talent, environmental factors, and permitting/regulatory ease in their location and expansion decisions.

Q1 2024
The Corporate Survey results shed light on the evolving landscape of site selection priorities. I was not surprised to see that workforce criteria continue to emerge as the top consideration. It correctly reflects how the current demographic crisis is leading to an enduring strategic focus on talent acquisition and retention. This emphasis on workforce aligns with the needs observed in the EV, battery manufacturing, and battery recycling sectors, especially with assembly plants that require a large workforce and battery-material manufacturing facilities that require a pointed skillset.

The survey’s recognition of success factors such as environmental and permitting regulatory ease and access to low-cost renewable energy is aligned with our industry’s needs. Access to land and logistics infrastructure also resonates deeply within the EV battery recycling sector. With sustainability being a core pillar of the industry, access to renewable energy sources is critical for minimizing environmental impact. Battery recycling projects also require appropriate zoning and access to public infrastructure given the nature of the processes. Lastly, the need to access a global supply chain underscores the importance of a strategic location based on logistic considerations to reduce operational costs.

About half the respondents say that government funding has influenced expansion plans, which is especially the case for the EV battery recycling industry. In addition to the global shift toward electrified transportation, the unprecedented funding through the IRA and DOE loans have helped propel the industry which is expected to double in the next decade. Overall, the alignment between the survey results and the priorities within the EV battery recycling industry underscores the interconnectedness of site selection strategies with broader industry trends and imperatives. As businesses continue to navigate an increasingly complex and dynamic landscape, prioritizing factors such as workforce development, sustainability, and logistical efficiency will be essential for driving growth and competitiveness in the evolving market environment.

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