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Location California: Taking Charge of Energy, Manufacturing, Higher Education, and Entrepreneurship

California charts its destiny by acting like its own nation.

Apr/May 08
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California offers a different twist on the location advantage. True, a major chunk of the nation's population lives outside that magical "within a day's drive" circle that some locations herald. But, the state has a huge population of its own - home to one of every eight Americans and growing quickly - which makes it a prime location for serving lots of customers. That's the reason why grocery giant Kroger signed a $207 million, 30-year lease for a 552,000-square-foot distribution center southeast of Los Angeles.

And the fact that California is on the West Coast, with nearly a dozen cargo seaports, means excellent access to Pacific Rim markets and status as a logistics gateway for Asian companies targeting American markets. No wonder thriving logistics hubs have developed in the San Joaquin Valley and Inland Empire regions, among others, and no wonder California is the top American destination for foreign direct investment.

California is home to more than 100 Nobel laureates, lured by the combination of an innovation-based economy and an enviable lifestyle. And what's not to like about life in a state that has a moderate climate, beaches, mountains, deserts and everything in between? There are a thousand golf courses, more than 40 snow resorts, nearly two dozen pro sports teams, and countless world-famous wineries and vineyards.

"Talented people want to live where it's cool," says McGowan. "California has a lifestyle that's the envy of the world, and it attracts talented people from around the world."

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