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Q1 / Winter 2013
Cover Story
U.S. Regional Reports >>

The States Leading the U.S. Manufacturing Resurgence

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 / Winter 2013)
Exhibiting know-how and innovation, U.S. manufacturers are adding to their payrolls and economic growth across the nation. We have identified 19 states where manufacturing is leading the way... More
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

Regional Supply Chains: A Win for OEMs and Their Locations

Clare Goldsberry , Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 / Winter 2013)
Regional sourcing is helping manufacturers save time and money; with that in mind, savvy suppliers are moving closer to the end users of their products. More
Asset / Facility Management >>

Preparing for the Proposed New FASB Lease Accounting Standards

David Kamen, Vice President, Global Portfolio Strategy, Global Workplace Solutions, Johnson Controls (Q1 / Winter 2013)
While the new accounting standards will provide more financial transparency, they may lead to a false picture of a firm’s financial health. More
Economics/ Government Policy >>

Federal and State Legislative Moves to Boost Competitiveness & Business Climate

Jason Hickey, President, Hickey & Associates, LLC (Q1 / Winter 2013)
Understanding the competitive economic climate across the United States, Congress and state legislatures continue to propose new legislation to compete in today’s economic environment. More
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

2013 Real Estate Outlook Part I: Ecommerce Requirements Drive Demand for New Generation Industrial Space

Craig Meyer, President, Logistics and Industrial Services Group for the Americas, JLL (Q1 / Winter 2013)
Growth in “e-tailing,” as well as Class I railroad investment, is having a noticeable impact on the demand and development of industrial space. More
Taxes / Incentives >>

How Some Locations are Making Their Business Case for Incentives

David J. Robinson, Principal, The Montrose Group, LLC (Q1 / Winter 2013)
Incentives are only part of an area’s economic development strategy and they are a necessity for companies that are struggling to compete in challenging economic times. See how Columbus, Ohio, Alabama and New York city have all recently successfully used incentives to promote economic growth. More
Asset / Facility Management >>

Deciding the Fate of Aging Buildings

Ray Dufresne, Vice President, VFA, Inc. (Q1 / Winter 2013)
By assessing a facility’s condition, functionality, and usage, organizations can optimally plan for the future and make intelligent investment choices. More
Economics/ Government Policy >>

2013 Real Estate Outlook Part II: New Demands, Challenges in Office Market

John Sikaitis, Senior Vice President and Director of Office Research and Local Markets Research for the Americas, Jones Lang LaSalle (Q1 / Winter 2013)
More investment is needed by the private sector in order for full office recovery to take hold. More
Special Presentation
Energy/Sustainable Development >>

Powerful Trends: Public Power Utilities Meet the Reliability, Cost, And Service Needs Of Demanding Customers

Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 / Winter 2013)
By offering great rates, reliable service, energy-efficiency measures, and attentive service, public power companies are creating a win-win situation for their customers as well as the communities they serve. More
Corporate Exec Survey Results >>

27th Annual Survey of Corporate Executives: Changing Site Selection Priorities

Area Development Special Presentation (Q1 / Winter 2013)
Although the survey results show no dramatic upswings in new facility or expansion plans, there are noted changes in site selection priorities – perhaps as a result of the lackluster economic recovery. More
Corporate Exec Survey Results >>

9th Annual Survey of Site Selection Consultants: Slightly More Optimistim

Area Development Special Presentation (Q1 / Winter 2013)
More than 120 leading site selection consultants who work with corporate end-users — and advise economic development organizations —give the priorities shaping new plant decisions for the months ahead in this 9th Annual Survey. More
Front Line
Ohio >>

IBM Migrates it’s “Big Data” Business Inland

Dave Claborn , Staff Editor, Area Development; Director of Development and Community Relations, Ohio State University, Marion (Q1 / Winter 2013)
IBM recently cut the ribbon on its advanced analytics center in Columbus, Ohio, expected to generate 500 jobs. If big data analytics represents the next era in computing, places like Columbus, Ohio – with a pipeline of skilled labor and its affordable business climate – could represent the next era in IT hubs, primed to grab a share of the six million information economy jobs projected within two years. More
Site Selection >>

In Focus: Intelligent Communities Provide a Positive Environment for Business Growth

John G. Jung , Co-Founder, Intelligent Community Forum (Q1 / Winter 2013)
Intelligent Communities are differentiating themselves with a culture that uses smart technologies in creative and innovative ways — creating a key competitive advantage that in turn attracts investment and promotes economic growth. More
Economics/ Government Policy >>

Editors Note: Annual Surveys Show Consistency of the “New Normal”

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q1 / Winter 2013)
Uncertainty about U.S. government policies — including healthcare and taxes — may continue to slow economic growth. These issues were cited by our survey respondents when asked what was preventing them from spending more of their earnings on investment in U.S. facilities. More
Energy/Sustainable Development >>

First Person: U.S. Oil & Gas Boom - The Road to Energy Independence Is Not Without Challenges

Alexander Frei, Senior Vice President, CBRE (Q1 / Winter 2013)
The editor of Area Development magazine recently discussed the latest developments in the oil and gas industry and their economic impact with Alexander Frei, Director of the Business Incentives Practice at Cushman & Wakefield of Illinois. More
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Biotech / Life Sciences >>

Market Report: Life Sciences Site Selection Focused on Smaller Cities, Access to Innovation and Incentives

Richard McBlaine, International Director, Solutions Development & Chairman - Strategic Consulting, Jones Lang LaSalle, Jones Lang LaSalle (Q1 / Winter 2013)
North American life sciences companies are shuffling and right-sizing their footprints to maximize ROI in R&D and other corporate functions and, increasingly looking toward smaller metropolitan areas with rising industry influence. More
Site Selection >>

Steps Businesses Should Take When Vetting Moving Companies

David Corrigan, President & COO, Corrigan Moving Systems (Q1 / Winter 2013)
With the economy continuing to improve, the volume of business moves is likely to pick up in the coming months. For businesses looking to relocate, identifying a qualified moving partner is not only an essential first step, it is also the single biggest factor that will determine if their move is successful. More
Site Selection >>

The Electric Utility and Data Center Interface – Things to Consider

Will Steffens, Principal, Sugarloaf Associates LLC (Q1 / Winter 2013)
Mission critical and data center site selectors and operators must be aware of the many utility variables that will impact the site location decision. More
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

Railroads: Still an Important Industrial Link

Jim Romeo (Q1 / Winter 2013)
The manufacturing epicenters of the future will need to integrate supply chain, logistics infrastructure, work force, and community continuous improvement; the presence of rail services is an important link in that chain. More
Labor Costs / Organized Labor >>

Health Insurance Reform: Ramifications When Expanding or Relocating Out of State

Phillip M. Perry, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 / Winter 2013)
States will have the option of developing their own guidelines in a number of areas. Among the most important are details concerning the state-level health insurance marketplaces or exchanges. Decisions made at this level can make a big difference in the attractiveness of a state to new business. More
Site Selection >>

How Business Size Factors in the Expansion or Re-location Process

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 / Winter 2013)
The site selection needs of medium and small-size firms differ from those of larger firms so a singular approach to the facility location process will not fit all. More
Taxes / Incentives >>

Economic Developers Working “Smarter” With Incentives

Beth Mattson-Teig (Q1 / Winter 2013)
The incentives package that Kentucky recently awarded Ford to retain and grow jobs at two Louisville facilities is an example of how economic development agencies are taking steps to tweak financial incentives in order to make them more effective and protect their investments. More

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