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Q3 2015
Cover Story
Top States for Business >>

Georgia Once Again Leads the 2015 Top States for Doing Business

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q3 2015)
An attractive business environment, quality labor pool, and well developed infrastructure are among the shared advantages of those states ranked by the location consultants as the top choices for business. More
High Tech/Nano/Electronics >>

Emerging Clusters Take Up the Technology Challenge

Dale D. Buss, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q3 2015)
Rivaling the reigning tech hubs, city and state leaders are seizing opportunities to grow their cutting-edge electronic and digital sectors. More
Business Globalization >>

Call Centers: Reshoring Instead of Offshoring

Dale D. Buss, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q3 2015)
Call centers are coming back to America, and flyover country is proving to be the biggest beneficiary in new jobs and overall boosts to local economies. More
DCs / Warehousing >>

E-Commerce Development, Industrial Land Pricing, and the “Amazon Effect”

John Morris, Executive Managing Director, Americas Industrial & Logistics Leader, CBRE (Q3 2015)
The emerging information and services market is game-changer for the industrial land market. More
Taxes / Incentives >>

Compliance: Where Incentives Are Won or Lost

Gary Marx, Managing Director, BlueCap Economic Advisors, LLC (Q3 2015)
Proper incentives compliance reporting will help a company to ensure that it receives the full value of the incentives it was offered in the application and negotiations process. More
Manufacturing / Industrial >>

The Importance of Earnest Investigation of Industrial Properties

Marv Pearlstein, Partner, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP (Q3 2015)
Those acquiring industrial properties need to assess their environmental risks early on and put in place plans for remediation of any problems that surface. More
Construction / Project Planning >>

Integrated Project Delivery for Industrial Manufacturing Facilities

Brian Gallagher, Vice President, Corporate Development, Graycor (Q3 2015)
Enabled by collaboration software, IPD is helping industrial manufacturers reduce risk, achieve predictable results, and maximize the effectiveness of capital funding. More
Front Line
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

Frontline: West Coast Ports Unite to Solve Challenges

Karen Thuermer, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q3 2015)
Manufacturers of imported and exported goods between the United States and Asia let out a huge sigh of relief in late May when a five-year contract that governs pay and work rules at 29 West Coast ports was finally ratified. Despite the ratified agreement, manufacturers are certain that strikes and delays will continue at West Coast ports. More
Workplace Trends >>

First Person: Manufacturers Turn to Contingent Workforces to Increase Production and Invest in Future Hires

Becca Dernberger, Vice President and General Manager, Northeast Division, Manpower (Q3 2015)
A staff editor for Area Development recently interviewed Becca Dernberger, vice president and general manager of Manpower’s Northeast Division, about the use of the contingent workforce in today’s more technology-driven manufacturing sector. More
Sustainable Development >>

In Focus: How Intelligent Services Can Reduce Building Costs

Neil Maldeis, Trane (Q3 2015)
Intelligent services and the data they provide can help building owners reduce their environmental impact, improve building performance, optimize energy spend, and improve the bottom line. More
Special Investment Reports
International Location Reports >>

Capital Investment, Technology Upgrades to Bolster Mexico’s Diverse Manufacturing Sectors

Dan Emerson, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q3 2015)
Whether they are manufacturing vehicles, airplanes, electrical cable, or something else, companies are finding the resources they need to compete in Mexico. More
Exclusive Online Content
Location Notebook >>

Location Notebook: Union County, SC, Moves Forward

Area Development Research Desk on behalf of the Union County Development Board (Q3 2015)
Union County, South Carolina, has pieced together a diverse economy from its historical textile roots. More
Labor Costs / Organized Labor >>

How To Improve Profits While Paying the New Higher Minimum Wages

Woodruff Imberman, President, Imberman and DeForest (Q3 2015)
In order to keep labor costs in check while adjusting to higher wage rates, employers should concentrate on motivating employees to improve productivity. More
Economy / Market Analysis >>

Getting The Best Data For Optimal Decision-Making

Phil Wales, CEO, eBusiness Strategies (Q3 2015)
Data is more than raw facts and figures; it is an asset that embodies critical information that goes beyond operational efficiencies, and it can help determine the soundness of the corporate location/expansion decision. More
Location Notebook >>

Location Notebook: TVA Hitching Its Wagon to the Auto Industry

Cynthia Kincaid, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q3 2015)
TVA is driving to make automotive manufacturing the cornerstone of the region. More

Exclusive Research