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Q1 2018
Cover Story
Government Policy / Business Climate >>

Tax Reform Through the Eyes of a Design-Build CEO

Stephen Gray, President & CEO, Gray, Inc. (Q1 2018)
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act gives businesses more incentive to expand in the U.S. as well as provide employees with better equipment and training. More
32nd Annual Corporate Survey & 14th Annual Consultants Survey
Corporate Exec Survey Results >>

32nd Annual Survey of Corporate Executives Commentary: Corporate Survey Rankings Weighted Toward Manufacturing Functions

Les Cranmer, Senior Managing Director, Savills  (Q1 2018)
Recognizing that the respondents are heavily weighted with manufacturing functions, the top location factors make a great deal of sense. More
Corporate Exec Survey Results >>

32nd Annual Survey of Corporate Executives Commentary: Investment Decisions - A Complex Evaluation in an Uncertain Environment

Marc Beauchamp, President, SCI Global (Q1 2018)
The Corporate Survey results illustrate a level of uncertainty by investors — a clear indication of how challenging the investment project decision-making process has become. More
Corporate Exec Survey Results >>

32nd Annual Survey of Corporate Executives Commentary: 2018 - A Decisive Year for Corporate Investment in the U.S.

Dan Breen, Executive Vice President, Location Economics, JLL (Q1 2018)
In response to a limited supply of quality sites, tight labor pools, and a rapidly-shifting economic policy environment, businesses must move quickly and strategically. More
Corporate Exec Survey Results >>

32nd Annual Survey of Corporate Executives Commentary: Managing the EDO Investment Portfolio to Maximize Job Growth

Von Hatley, Managing Director, Jones Walker Consulting, LLC (Q1 2018)
The investment conversation has to start somewhere, and when companies are seeking new locations, the conversation begins with site inventory. More
Corporate Exec Survey Results >>

32nd Annual Survey of Corporate Executives Commentary: Loosening the Reins on Pent-Up Capital

Thomas J. Stringer, Esq., Managing Director & Practice Leader, Site Selection and Business Incentives Group, BDO USA (Q1 2018)
Last year saw an increase in capital investment, which has continued through the first quarter of 2018. More
Corporate Exec Survey Results >>

32nd Annual Survey of Corporate Executives Commentary: Labor Is Paramount

Doug Rasmussen, President & CEO, Steadfast City Economic & Community Partners (Q1 2018)
A community that does not have the adequate labor profile is devastating to a project’s success in that location. More
Corporate Exec Survey Results >>

32nd Annual Corporate Survey & the 14th Annual Consultants Survey

Geraldine Gambale, Editor, Area Development Magazine (Q1 2018)
Although the U.S. economy is strong, there may still be some hesitancy in investment decisions brought about by an uncertain legislative environment. More
Advanced Manufacturing >>

University Innovation Parks Link the Academic and “Real World”

Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 2018)
Research and innovation parks continue to evolve to meet the needs of students, faculty, and private-sector tenants alike. More
Advanced Manufacturing >>

What Does Industry 4.0 Mean for U.S. Manufacturing?

Craig Meyer, President, Logistics and Industrial Services Group for the Americas, JLL (Q1 2018)
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming global production and supply chains, but the future depends on how well the industry’s human leaders can understand its machines. More
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

Get On Track With a Rail-Served Site

Colby Tanner, Assistant Vice President, Economic Development, BNSF (Q1 2018)
The economic and environmental benefits of freight rail transportation should be considered when developing your next facility. More
Skilled Labor / STEM >>

STEM Grads: At the Core of the Tech Location Decision

Steffen Kammerer, Senior Vice President, Technology Practice Group, JLL (Q1 2018)
The search for tech talent is leading companies to look at some traditional as well as surprising locations and also putting workspace buildout in a new perspective. More
Energy / Clean Tech >>

The Renewable Energy Industry Must Adapt to U.S. Tax Reform

Dorian Hunt, Senior Manager, National Tax, Ernst & Young, LLP (Q1 2018)
Renewable energy production facility developers must reconsider how to optimize their capital structures in the new tax environment. More
Government Policy / Business Climate >>

Trade Policy Creates Risk for North American Industrial Outlook

Jason Tolliver, Managing Director, Investor Services, Cushman & Wakefield (Q1 2018)
The industrial forecast is strong. Will a revamped NAFTA change that? More
Corporate HQ / Office >>

Are Technology Advances Affecting the Headquarters Location Decision?

Tom Gresham (Q1 2018)
Companies are re-evaluating locations and layouts of HQs and regional hubs as workplaces evolve. More
Business Globalization >>

Reshoring Gains Traction in U.S. Manufacturing

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 2018)
U.S. manufacturers are picking up momentum in bringing the jobs back they outsourced decades ago to low-cost countries — a move called reshoring. More
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

Infrastructure and Its Role in the U.S. Economy

Mark Crawford, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 2018)
The federal government is leaning toward the creation of public-private partnerships to finance much-needed improvements to the nation’s infrastructure, which is vital to the manufacturing sector as well as national security. More
Workforce Training / Education >>

First Person: Apprenticeship Programs Are a Win-Win for Industries and Workers

Kim Nichols, CEO, Franklin Apprenticeships (Q1 2018)
Area Development’s editor recently asked Kim Nichols, the CEO of Franklin Apprenticeships, about how modernized apprenticeships can change the perception of the manufacturing industry while helping to satisfy its workforce needs, as well as the needs of other advanced industries. More
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

In Focus: The ELD Mandate - How It Will Change Your Business Operations

Brian Fielkow, CEO, Jetco Delivery (Q1 2018)
The ELD Mandate, which will change how truckers operate, will ultimately benefit both the trucking industry and the shippers/manufacturers that utilize the industry’s services. More
Front Line
Logistics / Infrastructure >>

Front Line: A New Age for Trucking

Karen Thuermer, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 2018)
High driver turnover, the new mandate limiting drivers’ hours on the road, and the boom in e-commerce are spurring the adoption of driverless trucks. More
Site Selection Factors / Strategy >>

Front Line: Amazon’s HQ2 Finalists Reflect a Growing Shift in Geographical Clout

Dan Emerson, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 2018)
The 20 finalist locations for Amazon’s second headquarters location include several smaller cities that are not typically thought of as technology centers. More
Labor Costs / Organized Labor >>

Front Line: Will the Latest Round of Minimum Wage Increases Affect Employment Levels?

Dan Emerson, Staff Editor, Area Development (Q1 2018)
Since the tight labor market has already pushed up wages, studies have shown an increase in the minimum wage will have minimal negative impact on employment levels. More
Exclusive Online Content
Business Globalization >>

America’s Economic Strength Built on Global Connections

Nancy McLernon, President & CEO, Organization for International Investment (OFII) (Q1 2018)
Considering the fact that global investment from foreign-based companies supports 6.8 million American jobs, U.S. trade policy should not be viewed as an “us vs. them” proposition. More

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