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Telco Source Connect Opens Operations Hub-Fulfillment Center in Dallas, Texas

Telco Source Connect, a supplier of state-of-the-art connectivity products such as cables and connectors, opened its kitting and fulfillment center in Dallas, Texas. The facility will serve the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Telco Source Connect will be distributing high-performance network infrastructure products and solutions from Kingsignal according to its exclusive partnership, serving the North American region.

“Both the implementation of today's advanced LTE features and the future 5G technology are likely to create an exponential 10X increase in the demand for the types of connectivity solutions Telco Source Connect provides.

Telco Source Connect was created to satisfy that demand and to capitalize on the extensive portfolio of KingSignal”, said Philip Sorrells, General Manager and Senior Vice President of Telco Source Connect. “We have established our kitting and fulfillment center in Dallas Texas to create a logistics hub where we can stage, kit and do value-added work supporting the telecom market.

Kingsignal is a well-known supplier of state-of-the-art connectivity products primarily in Asia and in Europe. It has developed 13 IEC international standards for cables and connectors and has obtained more than 150 invention patents.

“Kingsignal is pleased to partner with Telco Source Connect, together we will be able to provide our customers extensive network expertise, high-performance solutions and years of experience in logistics and distribution much needed in the North America Region,” said Alan Murphree, Chief Executive Manager of Telco Source Connect and Vice President of Kingsignal. “Our mission at TSC is to connect high-quality sources of connectivity products that introduce new capacity and new economics into what we believe will be a rapidly changing ROI equation for service providers.”

While Kingsignal is the first and primary manufacturer in the TSC portfolio, TSC said Alan and his team are actively pursuing other sources of telecom networking equipment as well as developing an in-house capability to provide site kitting and delivery services and partnerships with rapid response design firms to fill niche applications.

“We know that 80% of the high-volume equipment is most likely already well covered by the larger established firms, we see TSC roles as being that agile responder that can get even your niche requirements filled, quickly and at a reasonable price said Julia Hogan, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Telco Source Connect.

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