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Denmark-based TAGARNO Establishes Tucker, Georgia, Operations Center

TAGARNO, the leading Danish microscope manufacturer, is establishing a subsidiary in Tucker, Georgia. The location will market, sell and service its unique digital microscopes.

According to company officials, the move ensures a strong presence in a large and important market for TAGARNO, where its technology can enhance productivity and improve the work environment of many more users. TAGARNO said its digital microscopes significantly improves ergonomics as operators now observe the magnified images on computer monitors where they quickly and easily can measure parts, spot impurities and inconsistencies, document and share their work. The end result is an optimized process that reduces scrap rates and boosts competitiveness.

“Digitalization has significantly expanded the potential areas where microscopes can be utilized. Laboratories and manufacturing companies can now optimize and automate many more forms of analytical tasks and quality control processes by leveraging machine learning and AI,” says TAGARNO CEO Betina Svendsen Ebdrup. “That is why we are building a scalable business to meet the expanding need for microscopes in an ever-widening range of industries and sectors.”

The company, which was founded 68 years ago in Denmark, has since 2013 operated via a local dealer in the US. Now the company noted American buyers of microscopes will have direct access to the company’s innovative technology.

“TAGARNO microscope systems have the ability to make a truly meaningful impact on virtually any industry that has a need for magnified viewing,” said Jake Kurth, who has 11 years’ experience in the microscope industry and has been chosen to lead the US expansion. “These systems are fundamentally high-quality digital microscopes built around imaging, supported by TAGARNO’s focus on customer-driven applications and firmware/software updates. The end result is a microscope system that is very good at what it does and provides unique tools to aid in our customers’ work.”

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