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Bolder Industries Expands Operations in Maryville, Missouri

Bolder Industries, a company that converts unwanted tires into desirable carbon black and petroleum, started construction on its 17,000 square foot manufacturing plant expansion in Maryville, Missouri.

According to Bolder officials “our 24,000 square foot facility houses the proprietary systems necessary to recycle over two million scrap tires annually. MCS operates a net energy positive facility that is 90% more efficient in terms of water and electricity consumption than commercial alternatives and diverts nearly 50 million pounds of waste from entering our landfills each year. The facility is large enough to recycle and reuse every scrap tire produced in the Kansas City metro area.”

“After years in R&D, we’ve perfected a carbon black alternative that replaces petroleum-derived carbon black as a rubber filler and a black pigment in plastics and is 100% produced from post-consumer or post-industrial tires and rubber scrap. Every batch is 100% in-spec. Bolder Industries plant in Maryville, Missouri, is currently increasing capacity to meet growing commercial demand,” company officials added. “Our vision is to divert more solid waste from landfills than any other single effort over the next 10 years,” company officials said.

“This expansion will increase our capacity nearly three times our current capability in each of our product lines,” CEO Tony Wibbeler told Recycling Today. “It also demonstrates our ability to bring this solution to scale at predictable pricing. We are currently on time and on budget with more than 85 percent of the costs contracted or purchased for what is essentially a second facility.”

“Demand for custom formulas has been increasing. We expected that things would level-off during COVID-19. Instead, the casualness and quick connectivity of video chat meetings have accelerated conversations with brands looking to innovate and tell a new story. The new story focuses on responsible resources. The new dialog isn’t about ‘eco’ and ‘sustainable’ as much as it is about the thoughtful use of what we’ve rediscovered as the resourceful use of the materials we already have,” he added.

Bolder Industries Chief Technology Officer Nate Murphy said, “We have been able to prove our uptime, quality, consistency, operational costs, and sales of all products over the past 18 months at full commercial scale. What has been a critical step for us is to have a clear definition around our charter product, BolderBlack. Customers can reliably use BolderBlack rCB in their formulas.”

“When innovative companies like Bolder Industries put down roots in Maryville, they bolster our city’s reputation as a center of excellence and create desirable jobs for our workforce,” Maryville City Manager Greg McDanel told the trade publication.

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