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Consultants’ Opinions Are Spot-On

Whether one believes the consultants’ ranking of the states are based on deep analysis or just perception, they appear to be spot-on with where projects are actually being constructed.

Q3 2015
Matching clients’ requirements to the best state is a task that incorporates well over 100 individual dimensions — and it is impossible for any consultant to have “walking around” knowledge on all dimensions for all states. Recognizing that during an average day, most consultants do not have the luxury of time to thoroughly investigate the questions presented in surveys, their answers to the survey’s questions are typically based on past experiences (that may or may not be recent) — and perception. In some instances, the stated opinions may have more to do with which states were on the top of the consultant’s mind, rather than a truly analyzed selection.

That being said, we were interested in comparing the past four years’ responses in order to gauge consistency in those opinions and perceptions. The results are compelling — not only from a year-to-year standpoint, but also compared to the annual corresponding Gold and Silver Shovel Awards, which identify those states receiving the [largest job-creating and investment projects] in a given year.

Notably, in the past 4 years (2012 – 2015) of survey responses, the top three states named in the overall rankings have been the same (Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas). In fact, seven of the top 10 states named in the overall rankings have also been the same (Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas). When comparing these rankings to ?the Shovel Awards results, the very same states are highlighted again and again, with Texas receiving a Gold Shovel in each of the four years, Georgia and South Carolina in three of the years, and Tennessee two out of the four years. The key conclusion is that the consultants’ opinions, whether based on deep analysis or perception, seem spot-on with where projects are actually being constructed.

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