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Managing Corporate Real Estate In Mergers or Acquisitions

Getting an early handle on a company's real estate and facilities can be a powerful tool in increasing the profitability of a merger or acquisition.

Aug/Sep 07
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Phase 3 - Integration and Implementation
Once you have completed your due diligence, have your process map in place and the transaction closes, you are now thrust into the integration phase where all of your planning is now in need of implementation. The most important thing to know at this phase is to be prepared and ready to act quickly, as success or failure is often realized early on. You will need to be decisive, responsive, scalable, and flexible as you implement, and this speed of implementation will become more and more important as the overall speed of transactions increases. Additionally, most transactions involve a high degree of financial exposure, so realistic budgeting and timely implementation will be critical.

It is imperative to have been in regular communication with the various business units so that once you receive final approval to move forward, there are no delays and you can immediately begin your implementation plan to move people, shift inventory, handle logistics, and dispose of excess space. Here again, it is important to re-emphasize that having all of your vendors in place, up to speed, and ready to act is critical and will help to facilitate a smooth and successful integration. Make sure that you view your vendors as true partners and compensate them fairly. A good real estate team will be your best ally during this process, and you want to make sure that they are fully motivated to accomplish the goals you set out for them.

In the end, it boils down to a lot of hard work, research, planning, and relentless implementation, but if you follow the steps outlined above and the keys that are critical for each phase, you will find that your transactions will run more smoothly, there will be less surprises, and most importantly, you will consistently improve the profitability of your transactions through the proactive management of the real estate and facilities.

Jonathan A. Keyser is a principal with CRESA Partners, an international corporate real estate advisory firm that exclusively represents tenants. Worldwide, the firm provides services through 35 countries, including 44 North American CRESA Partners locations. For more information, you can contact Mr. Keyser at (602) 648-7353;

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