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Ecodistricts Appearing Around the United States
Ecodistricts are popping up around the United States, from green-conscious Portland, Oregon, to Washington, D.C., and California.
Where are some U.S. ecodistricts currently located?
Tom Breunig, Director of Marketing and Communications, Earth Advantage Institute
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According to Johanna Brickman in a 2010 paper titled EcoDistricts: An Opportunity for a More Comprehensive Approach to Sustainable Design, "EcoDistricts are being considered in a variety of locations, from college campuses to dense urban neighborhoods, and in many cases a single building project has served as the catalyst for exploring a systemic approach to sustainable design."

In Portland, Oregon, for example, the development of a hotel adjacent to the city’s convention center recently sparked the exploration of incorporating an EcoDistrict into the surrounding Lloyd District, a neighborhood that features a variety of businesses; multi-family housing; two sports stadiums; limited greenways; and a number of public transportation options, including light rail and bus, as well as a new streetcar line.

In Washington, D.C., there is a move afoot to create a new ecodistrict in the Southwest part of the city, where two adjacent streets will form the new heart of the Southwest Ecodistrict, a multi-modal, mixed-use development that will seamlessly connect the Mall and the Southwest Waterfront.

Vancouver's Olympic Village is an ecodistrict, and the city of South Lake Tahoe, California, has plans in place for similar green communities with shared infrastructure.
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